2002-07-01 @ 1:09 p.m.
Midday: Sign the fscking Guestbook

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well, 10 minz ago i had stuff to type ..?

Oh yea, so i pretended to sleep from 5-8, the biggest piece of sleep i got .. i had i weird post-apocalytic dream, and everyone was british .. it was weird.. I thought i slept till 8pm! i was kinda worried, but then i looked, and my scandisk was less than half done, so i decided i only slept 3 hrz ... then it was on/off from there ... I finally gave up and started moving at about 12, called Lacey, since the scandisk still needed tyme... she staying there fer another 2 dayz ... I burnt a will, and refrained from upsetting her mom ...said bye .. hung up .... ..

so then I waited fer the scandisk to finish... got online, saw a new entry in Gems diary .. that was coolies :D

I prepared to hav to fight my lil brother fer intronet, but fsck him, he knew to get offline...

I was amused with the SlamBook signings ... im gonna change it tho, take out some of the lame questions ... two ppl i dont kno signed it .. ???? i really hope there not reading my diary .. thats kinda weird ... *Random Fact Of The Day: I Am A Hypocrite!*

Im saddened, my asmodeus piccy didnt work ... its SO funny too!!

**Intermission, fixing Guestbook, actually meeting Gem, signing my own fscking guestbook**

I laughed at my own answers .. thats pretty lame.

Oh, since im here, im gonna relate another childhood memory!

This started when i was talking to becky, and we were talking about how all the cool things from our childhood disappeared, like care bears, rainbowbrite, ninja turtles ... and I asked how liking tight pants .. then this memory kinda flash-backed ... ---> In kindergarten, all the lil kids *me included* got to watch "The Little Mermaid" and everyone liked it ... i wanted the coloring book for it, i got kinda jealous when i saw someone else getting to color in one ... So finally i did get one not too long after ... All the kids made fun of me fer hav that coloring book! Fsck that! we all liked that movie! so why isnt it now wrong fer me to hav the coloring book? they had coloring books of other things that everyone liked! I think that was prolly one of the first trauma-inducing memorys i hav ... or at least, that ill talk about ;)

so anyways .. i think im done fer now.. I hope Gem doesnt hate me after reading the diary .. but if she does, well fsck her :P i mean, she did make the choise to read it .. and she was warned *kinda* ...

I was gonna go do stuff to help earn me money ... but i cant remember exactly how i was gonna do that .. damn

*Shakes fist at Lacey, the distraction of the day*

byebye fer now!

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