2002-07-01 @ 8:48 p.m.
MallRats, HTML, and dual-tranny

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well, after I logged out earlyer, I called Kiel.. turns out, him, jordan, n rissa were going to the mall ... Sweet! So i decided to come along. We went to Taco Bell, saw other-world-kyle... we said "Hi!" we ate a free-messed-up-burrito .. it was cool, got a large drink, re-filled it prolly 10 times ... other-world-kyle got on break, we went to Waldenbooks, Sun Coast, radio-shack, we were gonna to to Sears, but kyle had to get back to work *taco-bell* ..

I bought a $3 computer game, fergot it at Taco-Bell .. oh fscking well...

We then went to Best Buy, looked at all the cool stuf ... Jordan had to be at work by 5, so we left, and dropped him off...

Then rissa n kiel n me went to my home, got some stuff, went to kiels home, chilld, rissa left, chilld, Janene got home, kicked me out, but drove me home .. so me n kiel went to my home .. we did lots of chores ... then kiel left. Today was fairly cool.

To describe the chores, that took 3 hrz..

First, we cleaned the garage.

before today, the garage was scary .. all sorts of shit on the ground, barely any room to walk .. had a cram shit in, or unbury things i wanted out .... now, i can fit my car in there, easy .. and the bikes, mower, and if i really wanted to push it .. my moms car too! Fuck yea, im awesome!! ...

Second, the side-yard.

ok, this lil walk-way was so cluttered wit all sorts of crap .. it was scaryer than the garage .. only it was HELLA dusty-dirt-particlely too... so, we had to get dust-mask-thingy or else die .. and goggles.. but we hella clean'd that .. now i could prolly *lol* park my car in it!!

Third: Katie, the German Shepard.

Theres a damn good reason she doesnt get bathed often .. its really hard to get her outside, and hold her still while you wash her. Basically, we wrestled *i masde sure the muzzel was on first ;) .. then she got washed .. lotz ... and im gonna do it every fsck week*end?* so that she gets used to it and knos that i can lift twice her weight, so theres no use fighting! Yea!

Fourth, backyard terraforming.

My backyard iz dead. seriously .. desert-style .. it is never waterd, never mowed ... no upkeep whatsoever ... well, it took step to change that.. i raked n shit, got all the dead shit in one spot, then mowed all of it .. evenly distributed all that crap across the lawn .. then waterd/flooded the lawn for a good 30 minz ... lots of water ... hopefully my backyard grows back soon .. i need chore-money .. 15/wk = 60 a month .. thats almost 1/2 my insurance *its about $160-200 a month* but im behind .. i need $2000 in 2 months ... every lil bit helps.

I kicked ass.

This was all promted by jordan, who right before logging out said "ok i guess you dont need a life..... then i shall talk to you later" .. it was sarcastic, but i knew he was right.. wasting away in front of da puter sux ass... trm im gonna do whatever i can to be active .. even if it means goin outside and lifting weights *and tanning, double benefit* ... im pretty sure that somethin cool will come up tho.

I got online *duh* and sarah says she n her b/f broke up .. cuz hes an idiot. I hav no clue what exactly happen'd, i jus really hope i had nothing to do wit it.

Im pissed at Lacey. I really am. Im pretty sure she warned me in an offline msg that my crack'd-Yahoo! deleted, before i fixed it ... but she knos an email would hav bein better! ... and she knew my yahoo was on crack, i told her, an emailed her saying that... plus i cant think of any other reason why her n Zeke would be missing at the same tyme. *shakes fist* Her mom was home. Her mom iz not in Jefferson City. I hav an evil idea... actually, two, that could be done at the same tyme. First, i could make-good wit her mom, one way i thin id be catching up wit Zeke.. Second, I could get Lacey in trouble ... But that would require some serious dishonesty n betrayal-type-stuff ... If my archives didnt get wiped, then id hav Zekes number .. i could try to cause dissent on that front ... I hav no qualms about destroying his life... but im not completely sure how exactly id do that .. plus, on all ideas, im prolly not gonna cuz of da phone bill ... oh well.

I saw Jill today. I resisted my first thoughts, i kno when im being seduced by pheramones.. *Thank God fer BioFeedback, who said reading ahead in da Psych book was a waste of tyme?* so anywayz.. i knew not to give in .. at one point she say'd somethin bout not being told about my party. i say " Because i didnt want you there, you or CJ" she got pissed "oh, hes being a prick" shes tells her friend on the phone ... stupid bitch *growls* .. laterz, i went into her room to get shit of myne n put it in Kiels room. She gets bitchy, i iggy her, she kept tryin to get to me, like she sed to .. I burnt a will, put up da " Tower of Iron Will" she couldnt get to me, she kept tryin so hard, finally, with a smile, i look her in the eyes and say " Fuck You Jill, seriously, Fuck You." she storms out... i find my shit, and walking out, shes half-in-da-way, still playing her "try-to-get-at-me" game .. shes stand in the way to make me scoot around her .. like a dominance thing. Well, about a year ago I took the dominant role, ever since shes bein really *Grr* about it, so i push her out of the way *evil grin* ... she got really upset, i laughed on the inside, she kicked me hard in da tummy .. *Tower of Iron Will* won the 2 static challenges, tested down the damage. she went to hit me, i raised my arm halfway in a block position ... she glared, the most pained glare iv gotten in awile .. *Tower of Iron Will* won the social challenge, i iggyed her. I go into Kiels room, i hear the door slam .. CJ moves in, gonna try to comfort himself some poon. What a loser. I knew when to cut my loses *not really, i did it about a year too late, but still* ... so anywayz.. I kno shes gone now, thats sweet.

shit .. almost 10, my stupid mom wanted the intronet then ... im really hoping to get moneys, i need $15 dollarz .. now ...

Ill see whats up trm.. hopefully everyone now kno's Jill isnt welcomed during group-activitys. Neither is CJ, but they'll prolly let that bastard come anywayz.

You kno whats really gay, wrestling. Not the olympic rule-based kind .. but the TV W.W.E. kind.. a bunch of dumb fools wit a lil too big muscles pretending to beat each other up .. oh wait, one thing gayyer ... Backyard wrestling .. a bunch of even stupider, lamer, weakling kids who arent good enough to be popular, nerds, or even stoners or skaters .. and they all pretend to beat each other up, so that they can feel macho. Lame. Almost like Game iz, but at least Game iz nerdy, it has an air of psudeo-technocracy-sophistication ...

Saw a whole bunch of cute chicks at da mall, that was fairly uplifting, also, a bunch of cute teeny-boppers. That was lame, but still ...

im thinking ill jus keep typing till after moms done her stupid intronet stealy-tyme... I can work on my new HTML im gonna put up tonite! sweet!! Maby ill eat too! :D


*Intermission, plays wit HTML, eats some Oreo's*


im back .. and i got a really cool idea fer another link-thingy .. im making it now..

*30 minz laterz*

Done, my coolies new script iz complete! PH34R M4 L337-HTML SK1LLZ!!

On my guestbook, on that "who should I get hooked up with?" question, i was gonna hav it multiple-choise, it saves you from having to think .. i had at least 40 ppl .. and i kno i was forgeting ppl ... well, it turns out, i can only hav 20. that suckd! im trying to think of a way around it.. but i cant. stpud POS site, restricting my limit to 20 .. Grr! *shakes fist* ... well, i prolly better that way, altho i still hav the list .. *lol*. .. maby ill create a site as a kinda of refresher ... that'd be funny! and i could hav breif descriptions .. Oooh, maby im on to somethin ... if u care sign the fsck year book and tell me about it! that way i kno!! *I now kno why ppl always say "sign my guestbook" .. no one seems to update there diarys enough .. that sucks .. i need to find some update-often frineds... shit, i seem to update myne 3 tymes a day!! and all my entries are super-long! ... i purposely forced my HTML to expand the width of my entry-section so that you didnt hav to scroll alot... but i also hav my screen settings up high .. so if this id infering wit ur viewing .. 1.)fsck you, 2.) tell me and ill change it :D cuz im nice.

It turns out i hav to clean the shower to finish earning $15 .. that sux. but its hella easy, so oh well...

Im gonna invent a very coolies car device. It will be a double-transmission. Basically, it will hav an automatic transmission, the lever on the steering-wheel-shaft, and it will contain the noral P, N, R, D, (D), 1, 2. setup... but in addition to that, it will hav an X feature .. what that does is shift it to an automatic-clutch system, where you choose which gear your in .. and it will have the 1,2,3,4,5,6 ... no R, cuz that you can use the automatic-trnny-R for ... it will be the perfect street-racing yet still good fer driving car :D oh how sweet. Oh, and fsck you if you steal my idea an make millions.. unless you give me somme of the money, then im cool wit that .. and a free-trial-car... i mean, shit, it was my idea! and it'll mkae you bizillions of dollers, since you can sell the car to both automatic and manual drivers :D sweetness! I cant wait to get me one!! i want one in my car now! cuz i wanna go racing, but i dont wanna jus hav a manual, since on my lazy-dayze i dont wanna deal wit shifting gears...

what sux is i hav to post before i can update my script ... but its worth it .. ill prolly post agin, unless no one i knows comes on...

NiteNite fer now...

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