2002-06-29 @ 12:43 a.m.
quickie before sleep?

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quick update, so i dont hav to remember any of this fer trm ...

I got to talk to becky :D sweetness indeed!

Iv decided to add other pplz entrys to MY favorites entrys drop-down-box...

I re-read Laceys diary.. i needed my lacey-fix.. add i found 6 entrys to put on my favs site..

And a bit about me .. i hav a very addictive personality type .. whenever I like somethin, whenever somethin gives me joy.. that moment of happyness replays in my mind.. i want more.. i cant think of much else, except more... it becomes the reason i move, to get whatever fix-of-the-day is... *realization* maby that why hero of the day fits .. it kinda fits .. i dunno .. read the lyrics, you figure it out :P very addictive personity type .. and if i stay away too long, i lose interest, find a new fix .. until the old fix comes back, then i pcik up were i left off ... which also would explain why chronological order IZ THE ONLY ORDER! ... ooh... i learn more every day bout me .. weird .. the girl iv liked fe hella dayze i like more than the past ones .. which iz the only reason i even used to talk to jill.. why ashley fscked me up so bad .. why Lacey runs thru my mind day n nite ... why my memorys jump out at me and remind me of the much more adrenaline-inducing fixes of the evil-past ... this was supposed to be quick .. damn.

but that was it ...

now im sleeping, fer reals!!


byebye fer now

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