2002-06-28 @ 11:11 p.m.
I played Risk...

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Today was lame ...

i played 7 hours of Risk , the boardgame ...

then i played Legacy of Kain somemore..

watched tv

ate at various points in da day..

yea ... but i hav alot to type... heres the thing.. i started ScanDisk last nite before i fell asleep .. when i woke up it was about 3/4 done .. it kept going till 3:30'ish PM... my hard drive must'a bein really fscked up! then i re-installed Yahoo! and it workd!! YaY! im so happy, altho there was no lacey to talk too :( that suckd

no emails either:(

i also checked out apple.com/switch .. made me want a Mac ... that suckd

Ok, now fer my story of da day :D

Once upon a tyme, I was a great martyr. I could fight the most up-hill cant-be-beaten underdog fight, and come out of it wit some degree of victory. I fought all the good fights, defended truth, justice and the American Way ... it was very coolies indeed. This is a story of my final battle:

Still more intro tho, My mom is an only mom, which means she had to pretend to be moomy AND daddy .. she was x2 strict, stricter than all of the parents *except jillz, different story tho** I got only the freedom which i took, only because it was so difficult to take either way... ON this final occasion, I was grounded, and she took my computer away. She did this because she wanted me to take in da grocerys, and I had passed out after taking the SAT's .. my brain quit .. i didnt even wake up when she dropped the computer on me. I woke up the next day, about the same tyme i passed out the day before. I pushd the button on my cpomputer, had a glass of milk, then came back and wondered why my computer wasnt on... "oh shit, where the fuck did my computer go!?!!" ... so i was pissed, she bitched, i apologized fer passing out "i was sincere too!* and she still didnt care .. in addition to that, she wanted me to go get my other puter home too! well fuck her!... i stopped coming home :D i had no reason to, since i couldnt check my email anymore... so i went a week w/o being home, except when i wanted to sleep in my own bed .. id be knocking at the door after midnite.. it was fun.. one day, Jordan had a brand-new roll of duck-tape, he wanted to put some on my mouuth .. i didnt mind, but when i went to take it off, everyone was like "no no, see how long you can go!" so i did .. i went all day, no talking, no eating, no nothing .... one'a the best dayze in my life.. it gave me a new perspective on things, it actually helped me find God. *yah, thats a trip!* so anyways, near the end of the day, i took off the tape, Jordan bought me food, i ate da food.. got home, sat down on da couch.. my mom said:

"You kno why you got ur computer n priviledges taken right?"

"yea, i passed out on *insert whatever day*"

"you were defiant! you kno not to do it agin?"


"good, ill give your computer back.. do you hav house-keys?"


"oh, ill go hav those made for you then.."

"Uhh.. Ok Mom........."

"oh, and i kno ur getting older.. as long as i kno were you are all the tyme .. i guess you can stay out past dark"

"thanks .. err... how late.. 9? .. *grins*"

"No! ... i was thinkin .. 11"

*silence from me.. disbelief ... stunned*

me:"O..Ok.. um.. "

"im done with you! you can go to ur room if you want!"

*still not beliving this.. i stumble into da room*

And ever since, she bein hella leanient .. i can take days off from skoo, she bitches a lil, but doesnt mind, as long as i tell her where/when i go to friends homes... the only time she ever gets parental anymore is when shes legally liable to do so .. in 2 months, shes totally un-liable ..... My final last-resort martyr tactics brought her down, that was almost a year ago .. and now there are no more good fights...

maby thats why i felt iv lost purpose in my life.. the constant conflict is gone, my genius has thwarted even the most ferocious, aggressive, tenacious foes... I won... Game Over... Thank You fer Playing... *credits roll*

what brought this on, a new frined, named Sarah.. i found my way somehow onto her diary, read it, then felt kinda guilty, so i asked permission, kinda.. asked to be her friend i think... shes pretty cool, altho shes far away and much to different .. i cant get into her head, so i dont think i can trust her to any great deal... but since she was the only one of my friends onine *except tiny, who was busy* i got to kno her.. and as i said, shes cool :D im deciding wheater or not to write another page, another intro page... this one will be the history-super-overkill-earlyest-memorys-to-present-day-one... prolly not, since i hav to work trm at 11am...

i hate that, the dumpest hrz, and on the day im havin a party .. how gay... its not really a party, sionces theres no booze and moms still home.. but there iz food! lotz of food!!

iv decided to keep this as a way to remind myself what happened all these dayz.. so that maby my brain wont hav to .. kinda like a release .. plus i can look back and say "fsck you! i knew that was a saturday!" so yea...

email me if you want the whole begining-to-end story... [email protected]

thats bout it fer now...

till next tyme..

byebye fer now!

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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