2003-04-28 @ 10:50 p.m.
lame'ness day ~ with a few cool things in the middle?

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CellPhone: (916) 8212392 , call? If your a chick, who's interested, call!

Day: complete shit ... well, almost

Stuff: what goes around come around ... but whatever?

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nope, the morning had no connection to the day

the day was shit

allow me->>

so dwight comes at, like, 3:30'ish... his day before now was that he n laura hung out, she got stoned, tryd to get some C, but he didnt give it... then his visit with michelle suxd, he broke his hand on the wall in the A-building...

laura calld alot during the day, the progression was first to tell me she fell-in-love with ME and shit.. then later she got to cry about how she fucked things up with dwight...

dwight wants me to date her, to get her out of his hair, so he can ix things with michelle...

m thought is to ditch this dying campaign and go find a new NPC pool *like del campo, or maby even JFK? ;)* ...

but yeah.. the day itself was driving around trying to do -something- ... dwight went to the docotr and got his hand X-Rayd... fractured in 3 places... lucky him?

then more dirving around...

i calld Christina... i dont kno why...

i calld Jennifer *the ex* .. it rang, but she didnt pick up... lucky her i suppose? ...

i wanna be calld... i like getting phone calls... but at the same tyme, sometimes i wanna hand it to gran and run as far away as i can from it... prolly cuz the only ppl who call mne are -Laura-, and she never has anything nice to say *ok, she does, but the nice seems to cause trouble* and leslie is jus lame... apparently she was raped by an 18 yr old, and will never forgive me for it... thanks. im not replying to that email anytyme soon... and shes definatly not getting her balls back

i got home, couldnt get online fer an hour... mom is dumb, michael is shit.. they needed to call his piece of shit dad over something.. ??? whatever

i got on, and i did get a few nice emails ... ok, two... out of seven... two were porn-mail, one was leslie, laura, and christina... the two good were jessica and odi *cuz thats her AIM sn* .... both were fun top reply to... and those were the only i replyd to...

Dawn woke up, like, 4 hours early, which means i get to talk to her :D and thats coolies... so i get today wasnt total shit... im hoping that maby jessica doesnt hate me, and actually wants to meet me.. cuz that opens a very un-tapped NPC resource... me n dwight might find a few coolies quests to run before i decide to move away, join the navy, or kill myself *those, surprizingly, are my only three options*

but yeah...

i watchd Stargate SG-1 .... i was bored...

i think later there was something i wanted to see... but iv already forgotten what it is.. so im gonna try to sleep maby

if you see this, and wanna call, then call! and if im alseep.. to fucking bad, sucks to be me huh, ill jus wake up for you!!! and if i dont, cuz im a piece of shit myself, then leave a message.. i guarantee, ill reply to a message *leave your number tho, please? some ppl have restricted numbers* thats my rant

i honstly dont care if i dsont kno you or havnt met you before... so please, call?

*i want attention, obviously*

but im gonna go

nitenite fer nows


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