2003-04-29 @ 12:56 p.m.
morning ... lat3da... bored

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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Sara (azuratide) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

Ello Sara! i havnt heard from you for quite some tyme... its kinda funny, cuz iv kept a diary too, for almost a year now.. im not sure if iv shown you yet... well, either way, it seems lifes -Forcing- me to grow up, and while thats technically a good thing, im still pretty good at being a stupid lil kid ... im not sure if you even want to talk to me, but since i dont remember doing anything wrong, im just gonna pretend im nice :D type at me back, k? http://members.diaryland.com/edit/profile.phtml?user=fiendbynite ...

nitenite fer nows!


Their reply was:

Jonathan...to be completely honest you creep me out, I have had enough of people like you. It's quite unnerving so just leave me alone, don't write to me or anything.


the first email of the day... how lovely

SexiCamaroShorti sent me a breif message while i slept, so for today at least, she has my un-dieing love :D ... im sure you wanna be next, so jus wait till im asleep, and IM me!! its easy! ... or, better yet, IM me now, and you could get even more than that?

dwight, well... hes home now, and we may actually go do something? hopefully soon, cuz im bored... but first plans havta be made n such? ya know?

we are out of gas... and that sucks terribly... and we never got around to Cyphon'ing gas, so im not sure how were gonna manage this...

i talked to christina this moring.. and i got a breif mention in her diary... it kinda suck, cuz shes coolies and all, but shes also, well... yeah, youv read her diary... in the course of a month shes wanted, like 8 guys... and that wasnt including me. i kno i do the same thing, but thats cuz no one girl actualy likes me back... at least some of those dudes actually like her back, and instead, she mentions someone else.... If im doing this, and you kno of a girl who lies me, and i keep not-mentioning.. first tell me! quickly!! next, let me shoot myself for being dumb :) *itll be something expendable, like the crotch or something?*

but yeah, asfter more talking with Tara *sexicamaroshorti* im starting to think maby theres something more to this than i expected... ya kno I-80... its near her too! and she likes it, like i do... so im all *sighs dreamily* "its meant to be"'ish over that.... *lolz* im dumb.. but itd be coolies if that was what happend :) very coolies ... especially ever since playing FF3 *childhood* iv bein a lil fancy'd with the name Tara *altho it spelld different in the game, whatever!* ... or the DM is really fucking with me... and thatll jus piss me off


im gonna stop typing.. so i can type more to Tara, and dwight, and find out whats happening today!


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