2003-03-16 @ 12:24 p.m.
grr'ness morning... but im happy still

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Mood: *Happyness* Christina, the template.. but still some 'grr'!

Person: Christina, the subject and inspiration of my template

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well, it seems christina does like the template :D ... i do too... actually, im in love with the template... iv never looked at my own diary this many tymes in one day before... hehehe.. i think im gonna re-mod the script, activate Windows Active Desktop, hav that script as my background... Mmm... *is already drooling*

so, las nite, when i almost died, yeah... its making me cant wait till monday even more

altho im not sure how exactly itll work out?

i wonder if christina noticed the scrolling text down there ....?

when i was gonna make the template, i was very close to useing The Bible for quotes... but i was listening to Alkaline Trio... and 'she took him to the lake' came on... ... so yeah, i got the idea... used Alkaline Trio quotes instead... i hope gods not mad that i totally passed-up the bible for Alkaline Trio lyrics :D

today was grr... i wake up to dwight, try to re-sleep.. i hav half-daydreams cuz i cant sleep... my real dream i cant fully remember.. i think it was good tho?

oh well

im gonna havta start actually doing stuff soon.. fsck

gonna get some restore-diaks from kiel today, so i can format

i realized tho i didnt back-up my favorites... im gonna save them all in a text-file and email them to me ... :D

and maby email them to a few other ppl... i duuno, if you want my favorites, then ask, and ill hav a FWD-able email by trm sometyme

maby ill post them on DLand??

im gonna go look at my diary agin


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