2003-03-16 @ 3:49 p.m.
random brong day entry

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today has bein boring

spent most of today emailing christina back n forth...

watching tv... forst a movie called "sleepers" .. now, "Frank Herberts Dune" ...

the first movie i hate.. its creepy, about 4 boys, who pull a prank on this hotdog vendor, but accidently kill a dude.. get sent to juvinile hall n get beaten n raped n shit.. come back hella dayze later n get revenge?.. its un-fun...

now, f.h.'s dune... its so dumb, this faggot ruined the movie... everythings wrong... im waching it tho jus to see exactly how bad he fucked up my favorite movie...

and emailing Christina, which makes today coolies :D

dwight calld, wanted me to come over... i told him im watching this movie... gonna ask him when he'll be able to see christina agin... he totalld the car yesterday tho... apparently some van stoppd in the middle of the road.. and dwight didnt stop soon enough..

i hate frank herberts Dune


he even managed to ruin the harkonen ...

but im happy.. cuz of Christina...

and, one of the coolest parts of the movie... ruined.

...all cuz they didnt use the midget

this movie sux

on Koc i hav 10 orcs.. im getting 120 gold a turn... im gonna totally rox on some fool.. i hav 20 to my attack bonus cuz of weapons i bought.. hehehe... hehe


im out of stuff to type i think


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