2003-03-08 @ 1:27 a.m.
~ im getting my way, and its kinda sucking?? but Christina rox, so im happy :)

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Mood: Im not sure, happy kinda

Future: Uncertain. Decision Pending

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oh god

Christina calls at 7:30 ... i fell asleep at 4

she cute, i enjoyd the call.. but i didnt enjoy the timing... would i hav traded it in for sleep??.. No.

so, then i havta get ready, go to miller... did my therapy.. it was really me telling him about the past 4 years.......?

then went to granpas.... lateda

ate there

got tin-shears :D

coming back, my phone re-activates... granpa is out-of-service-area

Christina left a msg, she also wrote a note

found dwight playing phonetag on the way home

got home, got on the bike, and found dwight

hung out wit dwight, mandy, and this new girl named Juliet

now, it seems within the course to that single nite Juliet managed to piss off everyone but me, who was starting to like her a lil... but it turns out Christina said she likes me *was surprized* and when she told dwight the things she liked, they were me-things, not me-trying-to-get-her-to-like-me-thingz .... she liked the pants :D


got to JQ'z, jqs sister is crap and so i left wit dwight, chilld at kiels a bit, then went home... while there we talked, i was losing coherentcy... im tired! grr!!

on the way home some fools in a truck hella yelled.. i looked at them funny... but see, they turnd around coming for more... Eeep... so i use my l33t run-away skillz n ditched them in the park... only they are in a car, not on bike, they circled the park **its past 12, so they aint getting into the park anytyme soon :D hehe**

so, i wait, i hear the same-sounding car speeding around the neighborhood... i stay low, hiding in the park.. finally, after adequate praying and oracular-study i bolted home :D

now im here typing

i reply to the note in an email; plus some more cuz i wanna talk to her n see if she likes me, and maby even do something about it

to shift toward rant now~

Well, destiny-path says that i must drop all my old jill/jennifer/every-other-girl-iv-met thinkyness... basically, no predicting, no sidetracking, and definealty no quiting... if jill comes back, too bad, too late... she had more than a year and a half!!!!! so yeah.

um, yea

taking on a new padawan... Christina.. i must use my skillz to keep her form the darkside, from the zombiez out to destroy all happyness in the lives of everyone!

plus, Christina is really cute *blushes, sighs*

she had a diaryland diary... its south-reject.diaryland.com .. she had 4 entrys.. three of which dont concern me, one of which she knew id read.

so now im unsure?

well, to stick with what i kno -> im very tired, dwight says she said she likes me, and God saved me from certain death because im supposed to like Christina. i think i can take things from here.....

trm morning!


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