2003-02-27 @ 9:18 p.m.
BandedMail Armor, and my lfie n shit

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! .. hav gr34t ph34r of m4 sk1llz

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yeah, ok, its bein a day+ ... i talked to jill.. she didnt say 'im considiring loving you agin' .. but i told her to, and she doesnt havta talk to me about it or confirm or promise, she jus hasta think about it. she didnt say no or eww or anything.. so now my life has hope, and i surveyed the shambles of my life and realized i destroyed me. yeah, opps, i forgive me, now for some fun!

*things are easyer when its my fault*

so, my plan, find $80 to keep the cellphone alive. use the car-hood i found to fashion banded-mail armor for me. plat alot of d2 and star wars. maby fix the car. no real job, its not worth it, not worth the hassle, i wont make enough money for anything. odd jobs. its all about the odd jobs.

my day tho

i went wit dwight to dwights, watched star wars IV, then woke up 2 hours later, wenbt wit dwight around, Navy Office, more dwight-fun .. did a chore fer gran, got $10, continued my skillsfullness, saw bunches of hot-chicks, found the hood *but didnt take it* ...... lots of drama at Alyssas home, but then we drove ppl home, in the keck-van, got the hood, now im home

trm im gonna start plans fer it ... oh the sweetness *drools*

so now im gonna play d2, and sleep... n33d sl33p


You're inspired by punk culture, particularly the clothes, but don't consciously try to be punk. You have good respect for punks though and borrow alot of their style and music.
Whats Yer Punk?

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