2003-02-23 @ 5:11 a.m.
Diablo 2 : Lord Of Destruction ~ and some day

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! I can play this now! Sweet!!!

Mood: super-coolies cuz of d2 ; lame cuz im still alive.. fuck...

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i wake up, talk to laura.. shes gonna walk down here, and im gonna meet her

thats at about 2pm *did some chores, playd with a coolies bonfire, hehe*

i realized i should prolly stop playing D2 at 3:40 ... oops :D

i get to the skoo *first place i look*, tell her i didnt kno where to find her.. and make her feel guilty for the whole thing :D im awful

then i come home, play D2 more

then i go to dwight, play Star Wars RPG .. its ok, but also kinda lame.. kiel did his pass-out trick on ppl.. me twice.. its like being dead, its so perfect *sigh* yes, leslie, my definition of perfect.. it feels perfect to be dead. then i come back incredibly happy, cuz i was perfect for those few sweet moments.. *sigh*

... .. .... ... .... ..... ..... .. .... ..... .... .... ... ..and now im here! :)

wow... when i actually do stuff all day, my entrys get short..... WTF?

my proud achievements today :

I can play the entire buble bobble them song on the piano! Ph34r!!

And my lightning sorceress is up to *i think* 14 lvl... and in Nightmare difficulty ... act2 .. yea, skillz... sweetness

so yea

life seems okay, im drowning the un-fun out with all sorts of other meaningless crap.. but the meaningless crap so much more productive than a week'ish ago... maby cuz Jill is a lieing awful slut who will anything to hurt me :D? ...

i know that I havnt done anything more than kissing with anyone but her, and id feel so incredibly guilty if i did... like suicide level guilty *which hasnt actually happend before* ...... but i also know, for a fact, shes has gone farther. ... and it may have bein in spite of me.... and every tyme i think about it it hurts so badly i want to tear out my own heart because that kind of physical pain could never come close to the emotion pain that i feel when thinking of Jill doing stuff with anyone who isnt me....

I hate life...

but D2 is fun :D

yes... my main distraction...

jill was supposed to call, like, thursday... today is sunday... "lets be friends" ???? ... friendship is two-sided too slut, your gonna havta pay attention to me one way or the other


as for laura, i hav no clue

I mean, if she was serious about me/us then sure, id prolly be ok for it... well, not ok, but swayable .... but shes still after kiel....... and that isnt cool.

so i dunno

im gonna go play d2, then sleep

i can play this song! sweet huh?!

*huggles self; the only person who cares, and even then im not that person 1st priority... I Hate Life**


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