2003-02-23 @ 9:54 p.m.
AmpdCutiePie ~ my lil-bitty day

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Midi: Still the most H4rDC0r3 MIDI I own .. ph34r

Game: D2, Life, H4rDC0r3 ... all an aversion to keep me away from my horrid existance

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okay, so now instead of turning life into a game, i spending my life playing one....... Im not strong enough to survive my life :D

i realized this while talking to jill in my own head... i talk to most everyone there... long, hours of conversation together... they all react nearly identically to IRL, except for recently.. i guess these few months hav changed people.. i dont like it

so, i was talking to jill in my own head, and i relized my entire life is basically in stasis, waiting for jill to take me back.. i want her to so badly... but i dont think she will... i think shes betrayed me, and instead of facing her guilt *like i didnt, then did* ... shes gonna avoid me at all costs...

i want to cry, but cant.. at least my non-cryingness is coming back :D


so today on D2, i got my sorcoress thru nightmare n hell difficulty ... now im just lvling up n geting items :)

it seems im exceptionally good at making friends out there... im usually generous n trusting n i help people even when i kno im gonna die too, if not quicker... but now shes up to lvl22 .. i hav 3 or 4 in both Nova n Chain Lightning ... so im rox'ing now

if you play, my acct is ' Navok ' and her name is " AmpdCutiePie " ... im becoming very proud of her

i also hav a nice mule now, stuffed with all sorts of minor goodies :D

on my sorc tho, i hav Cathans armr and Cathans ammy n the Angelic Halo ring ... set items are sweet... on gonna hav the armr socketed and then put either Tir, Eth, or a P-Skull into it.. more mana regen ... oh the sweetness

um.. i was gonna remake LaceyFascia_QT , my most favorite assassin , but my plan for the Fascia's arent gonna work too well, since Fascia's can only hav -two- sockets, not three like id want... grr ...


so im gonna get on battle.net in a bit, and go prolly do some lvling, maby sit-back in da cow-lvlz ... oh yeah, cow lvls... *drools at the awesomeness* .. i also havta get the cube agin.. i put the cube on my mule fer gem-stuff ... and so ill prolly do that too, and gain a lvl in the process :D?

and maby ill help a newbie get past andy... *sigh* ... newbiez

anwyaz, i gtg



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