2003-02-08 @ 4:12 a.m.
so much H4rDC0r3 ~ laura ~ life is r0x0rz'ing~ but my car -died-

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Midi: so much Exp... like as if this was a boss or somethin'??

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oh god


laura calls me on my cellphone, telling me to wake up n such like normal.

she wants to ditch school, well ok fine

shes gonna meet me at kiels, i drive

well, the tranny dies, so i end up coasting... but only till i try to pull into a parking lot... then i get stuck and almost roll backwards into traffic... i wait awhile, try to get out n push, but the car wants to go backwards...... then outa nowhere this Bum helps me push, i park it, he walks n ducks behind a truck and is -Gone-

i walk with the lunch i packed for laura to kiels *hates the sun, grr*

get there, we walk to my home, chill a bit, she kisses me w/o me expecting, i let her, we go awhile... it roxsd ... she say i was good, better-than-expected even *and i hav bein bragging beforehand*,... dwight arrives ... all sorts of minor day

we eat at Felipe's, $10 i owe mom to work off... grr..

we drive my car home in Reverse, since the transmission wont shift into any other gear..?? once we get home we chill quite awhile...

it ends up where laura starts really getting weird, i keep trying to calm her, only to make things worse... and she runs out crying... dwight follows, jamie n marilyn were out front talking to dwight, i end up getting a ride to mesa where laura managed to run... decide that its over fer her, ....

go to kiels

she wants to talk, i let her, but still manage to un-like her

then we walk to dwights, dwight realizes everyone is there *fsck* and so he goes in.... laura keeps talking... telling me everything i want to hear *actually, only to a point, since i kno not to believe -too- much** ... then dwight calls and tells me that i should go ditch laura n then come back inside... im sorry, but even if im mad, im not ditching her. thats jus cruel. *her, alone, in the dark, freezing-assd-cold ... **

then we talk more, wlak back-n-forth on summer ln ... finally we settle things. Shes gonna go fer me, try to forget kiel, get rid of lonny, and be more tolerant of my very limited cheer-up-laura skillz ...

so then i call dwight, he offerd a ride for us... but he already left his home?

well, we decide to go to my house, and find a dwight leaving before were there... so we go wit him, talk a lil more in the car, i get to kiss laura goodnite... then i talk to dwight, we get to dwights, everyone trys to grr at me, but its not working... kiel learned how to make ppl unconscious... he does it twice on me *sweet! blacking-out is SO fun!!* ... then we wait around fer a few hrs until 11:30 -> keck arrives, we organize, we gather up materials n head to kiels

we re-group n head to the school... we spend a good hour or two trying to move that rock, and we dont get very far...

Dwight gets the idea to use car-jacks! ...

then, we get the rock moving, it rolls over about 5-7 ft ... then we move it agin, to complete it 12 ft journey.... we spend 4 hours doing it!! ..

we broke one of the jacks tho.. it suckd... so dwight gets the idea to throw it out the window of the car into another car! ... we do, to this parked car, and this funky car chases us, but dwights skillz out-run him... we get to dwights, keck drives me to my home, where I n keck now are

one crazy-long Exp. generating day

the only thing i can really think of is that i cant get rid of laura, even when she pisses me off -SO- badly.. and i hav a headache... grr

nitenite fer nows

i havta do chores trm ... fsck


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