2003-02-08 @ 11:39 p.m.
J'ai deteste la Vie! ~ laura, fsck ~ and so much more lameness...

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Midi: laura decided to claim this song... i think she deserves it...

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J'ai Deteste la Vie.

it means 'i hate life' in french... altho if you get literal its 'i have hate of the life' ... but whatever, fuck france

i wake up, keck leaves, i do some chore'age... the whell falls off the lawnmower, so i didnt do that, ... then laura

we were gonna meet at the skoo... but when i got to the skoo there was no laura?

kiel calls and tells me to come get laura from his home??? .... so i go there n laura is there, drama, drama, she asks me to go start walking n she'll catch up. instead a get a call 15 minutes later from kiel asking to get laura away from him agin..? so i go back and find her in kiels garage..

the day continues like this, only we walk to my house and chill there for many hours... laura being lame... finally its 9, we start walking... end up in baskins robbins, the only tyme shes even nice to me that day... her dad shows up, eat a lil, then gives her a ride home.

i walk fer an hour'ish trying to find ppl, calling around..... then i go to the park, sit on a swing, get sick to my stomach and want to cry'ish.. thinking about the lameness of life

now im here

the only thing i really have to look forward to at this point is if Seraphina replys ... she hasnt yet... or if i kill myself... I havnt yet...


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