2003-02-03 @ 11:26 p.m.
challenge ~ losing laura... too bad ....

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Food: But what to eat?

Mood: Normal-Sad ... its not that gay suicide kind; instead the bummed-but-thingzll-get-better kind

Future: Hmm, This thought came back.. I like my pigtails?

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well, i let laura borrow the cell phone last nite

she calld, i said 'grr' and sleepy.. dwight calls alter, once im awake'ish... didn tget alot of sleep, it suckd ... went to the skoo, almost died cuz me n dwight were -caught- ... but he talkd us out, .. went to kiels, jill was there ....*laura calls kiel n talks a lil*... first in a different room.. then sat next to JQ, but it was opposite sides of the room.. then she sat hella close n talkd to dwight..... she wanted me to say something, she wanted to provoke me n make me prove her right... i barely withstood all that pain -> and walked out

so dwight follows, we go to the skoo, i walk around looking for laura, cant find her, i get pissed off... i go home to get the car.. i call her, she answers, and tells me shes at skoo... i drive there, really becoming angry... only to find kiel there, and jeff n JQ..... but no laura? i get the car, driving towards home n the park, i see dwight, joel, and laura... apparently laura was thrown down by kiel, altho the event before that werent clear... she had a cut that was all bleeding n stuff...... so i chill wit her awhile, i get all my stuff back... we go to my home, eat a lil ... dwight, joel, n keck show up trying to convince me to ditch laura... im not buying it ... then keck hasta leave, laura comes out, we go to the park to let her go visit lonny *some fool she knos?* ... and then i go to kiels, since we were gonna talk... jills standing in the room like shes important... fucking stupid slut bitch ho skank .... anywayz->

so we decide that shes prolly gonna get ditched ... me dwight n keck go to carls jr n eat, talk more about it, then go to dwights, where keck finds alyssa... seeing keck all over alyssa gets to me... i havta sit in the car... i try not to cry, dwight n keck come out... apparently dwight had another encounter wit his dad n was pissed... oh well, we sit in the car n talk more... then they go inside... i actually cry this tyme.... and i start to realize

keck, alyssa, dwight and I go to safeway after keck hears about my encounter with Rebecca, the cute-safeway-chick .... but we dont actually find her.

we come back, keck leaves, me n dwight go to kiels, chill a bit ... i then drive dwight home, now im here

I realized something tho ...

we've always known kiel lies to girls, lies alot in general, and is a fairly un-cool person, but were still his friend. As friends, we only tell a chick he's dating what we know, after that, its really up to the chick to let herself get put thru that. Our job is over, if laura n natalie wanna get double-dipped, fine. Its over. plus, i said if laura talked ot kiel it was over... and that was about 5-8 conversations with kiel ago .... so shes gone

im sad, but strangely not enough to go kill myself or anything... this is normal-sad; im a little bummed, but i know things will be better... especially if Seraphina calls *winks*

now, more depressingly -> i only have two notches of gas left. That sucks.

so she better call soon... before im out :(

im not doing anything trm... im gonna ge ton my rollerblades and enjoy life... im gonna sleep in too. I lost a girl i was close to falling in love with... I deserve a day off.

I Hate Laura.

maby in a few months, if shes cleaned up her act, ill reconsider seeing her agin.

till then, oh well

im a lil sleepy... its gonna be hard to keep that challenge tonite... theres -nothing- to do :(



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