2003-01-29 @ 10:56 p.m.
*dances for joy* ... but for no particular reason

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Food: Sunday Nite Dinnerz Spagetti

Person: Seraphina... such a beautiful name *sigh*

Mood: Better than recently, like, all Good n stuff :D

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I walked to lauras, we talked awhile, i gave her the notes, started walking, it was SO cold n scary.. i called dwight, he came n saved me

went home, got calld by laura, now im here

now, for the rant

so laura tells me she loves me in those notes... and can force herself to say it in person

yet she doesnt want anyhing, doesnt want a relationship, etc..

Am I being used?

altho, unlike normal 95% kiel-talk ... tonite was closer to 45-50% kiel ... it was nice

but not good enough ... the note i gave her told her i dont like the kiel-ness, i actually get sick of kiel quicker went im around -her-

She didnt like the Drunken Manifesto, she said it was hurtful.. i almost cryed telling her my reasoning behind it.. she shut up

Unlike what i routinely get accused of, I dont want much out of her... maby making-out... but at the same tyme, No.

its more like the pride you get when you'v helped someone whos sad.

but whatever

on a happier note -> Bre called! yeah, bre!! i was SO happy.. laura was a little upset i tihnk when she saw that.. i almost danced..

***intermission, lotsa IM'z, food****

ok, onto another coolness

Seraphina; not only does she have a beautiful name, but she may be perfect...

which usually scares me since perfect usuualy means either 'taken', 'hates me', or both...

i had a convo wit the dm... it went kinda like this :::

*** The DM says "ok, you kno that cute girl you met on emode, well, yeah, shes perfect... *rolls the chrisma check* yeah, shes still perfect, all that stuff you thought was perfect .. her, all her" .. i say "holy shit... then what" ... *throws a static* ... DM says "yea, your gonna fuck this up" .. "yay..."*******

luckily the last part hasnt happend yet...

I really hope it doesnt -> but it will

in the meantyme im gonna try and enjoy perfections company :)

im gonna go...

outa typing-ness

trm im gonna call Bre about a concert, talk to laura at least 4 tymes *rolls eyes*, and hopefully spend the afternoon'ish with Seraphina :D


life is starting to really be fun






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