2003-01-29 @ 5:04 p.m.
My life is turning around, all sorts of fun.. ?

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392

Mood: Im quite happy, things seem to be going my way!! :D

Its Tyme You Learned JUST Who You Picked A Fight With!!!!

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Im not typing "I Hate Life" for a reason

actually, like, 3

okay, so last nite i sleep, wake up to dwight n kiel wanting me to go somewhere

I do, we hang out, we go to the skoo.. Laura runs up and gives me two notes, she makes me read one, and guess what

Kiel was right, shes telling me she loves me

so, i continue my day, back to kiels, he plays Metroid, I eat

back to skoo, walking, met an NPC named Samatha, who i tihnk wants me...

then sawd dwight, who was sad about Michelle-drama ... then i got home, found messages on my phone ...

I got an email from Seraphina, shes very coolies... so yea

Iv figured things out, well, maby not

theres only two explainations:

1) I have recently taken dwights advice to juse be-myself... I chose that because I Hate Life, so why not try n hav fun? Now, ever since that, things have bein doing well

2) I owed karma, since I did hurt Jennifer, and other lameness on my part... so now that iv established laura into a healthyer lifestyle, plus other super-coolies-H4rDC0r3 deeds on my part, i hav redeemd myself in the eyes of God, and now im being rewarded :D


hehe, either way, H4rDC0r3 JonNy-G iz back, and not even Jill, not anything will stop him now

I think Jennifer was turned-on by the H4rDC0r3, which was being nullifyd by Jill, who is 3v1l-Un-H4rDC0r3-w34k-Z0mb13z'd ... I hate her


im back, im gonna go and have a nice dai .. you should too


*didnt finish clicking when laura calls.. oi ... not much to say tho; im getting to talk with Seraphina now.. *

-0ut (for reals)

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