2003-01-22 @ 5:02 p.m.
An excellent day. I need more of these!!!!

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Person: Hannah <-- she reviewed my diary

Mood: Im SO very happy.. must dance it out *giggles*

Future: Hmm, This thought came back.. I like my pigtails?

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Oh my god.

I so happy...

I got reviewed.


*dances so happily I look drunk*

here, ill post n link it :) -->

01.22.03 fiendbynite

!~Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now~!

Contact: email, guestbook... (5/5)

Errors: None at all. (5/5)

Navigation: Top, bottom, and even on the entry, that's cool. A little squished though. (9/10)

Updates: Usually every day, with tons of multiples. (16/15)

Layout Design: It's nothing too fancy or too lame, and I do believe it's self-designed. It's got bright colors on black, and an anime thingy (is that self-designed too?) at the top right. I like it. (20/20)

Content: From what I read, it seems like you try or have tried to be optimistic but life's really got you down, to an almost dangerous state. I didn't expect it at first, but I found your entries really interesting to read, even though they could be kind of depressing. It's hard to tell sometimes that the multiples come from the same day at all, because they're all very separate and have their own voice. You use different styles of writing at different times, which makes it as interesting as it is. Some of the common spelling errors are present (ex. "rox" instead of "rocks" and a few mistakes) but beyond that, I can't find anything wrong. (33/35)

Would I Come Back?: Most likely, yes. (5/5)

Bonus: rings, an "about" page, notes, and self-designed. (6/5)

Total Points: 99/100

Reviewed by: Hannah

Recommended Reading: A taste of how hard things can be.


yeah, this ro0x0rz m4 b0x0rz

*still dancing*

i had this crazy dream.. there was this online game *kinda lookd like NeoPets n Vice City?* anywayz, everyone was playing it, but most people only playd half-ass'd .. some people tryd and got good... me, i didnt even waste my tyme, except for in the beginning, i rockd in the beginning, then got bored, hadnt played since ..agin back to the dream-> so finally, someone challenges me, so I totally beat this one leve, highest score, everything, so perfect. I rockd... everyone got jealous, i saw this one part, where i was given this skyscaper that was all blown up *i tied in with the last game* and i had to rebuild it, then expand...........

I wake up, at 7:10

Fully Awake. i feel asleep at 2-3 las nite

And then i drive by intuition --->

today i went to BV, didnt see Ali :(, went downtown, got a $68 paycheck, went n got dwight, let him drive me to the Navy Office. did some work, *they made me take out the bands for the pigtails, the hair however stayed in form to defy, i love my pigtails, im so cute**,,

realized i missed the after-school-BV-scene *fsck* so i went to mesa


went to dwights, dropped him off, and came here

Im still so happy about that review... if Hannah wasnt an NPC, or she was the Hannah i knew *Ashleys lil sister* .. omg, id be all over her... I dont care if she lived in fsckin India or somethin, id turn trix until i had the money for a plane ticket!

*shudders at that nasty thought*

A 99 ... i was expecting, like, a 35

"oh, you site sucks, the thing up top are squished, your to sad, you missed a day or two in july, im too preppy to understand you...blah...blah..blah...."

but no, she liked it *sigh* even if i do suck :P

I saw Bridgette today, i was in dwights-dads-corsica *yeah, i know* and we drove by, and right as we did, dwight says "theres the buick" and i yell "No! Its not a Buick!" look over, and shes standing outside .... she hella looked at me funny.... *giggles*

Dwight thinks i should stop tormenting Jill, he thinks shes a nice person ... what a tard

Tryd findind Jennifer while I was at the college... no such luck.

maby ill try agin later?

I still hate life, but if things go well ((i go to granpas, put in a clutch, come home to a job, and get a cute g/f)), then maby ill consider some more tyme-on-earth

even tho it sucks, seriously.

Im suppose to be at dwights

byebye fer nows

**Somebody email me! I promise ill love or.. you something close :D?**


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