2003-01-15 @ 4:30 p.m.
lame day, but not my fault this tyme :D

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Food: But what to eat?

Mood: Bored, Apathy, *yawn*

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its funny, dwight is right next to me.. but still :P

woke up, dan didnt fight kiel, and there was more kiel-laura-natalie-drama ..

such a w34k day

Poor Dawn ... she really deserves better than what shes getting .. id help, if i could *LOL'z, im gonna hear about this**

um.. nothing much to say

well, okay, the funnest thing *today was this lame*

I lattered up my hands wit petroleum jelly, and everyone thought i spankd it in kiels house ... they were all "Eww..." n stuff

.. yea.. that lame a day

supposedly, kiel will be taking laura to an abortion appointment on friday, then never seeing her agin

and if he does see her agin, and natalie doesnt mind.. that basically saying she -wants- to be double-dipped .. and its her own fault then

talked to Christiana las nite, but then she left ... so im curious ??

I like her, the more i read her diary, the more i like her

and im almost done ;)

so I really hope she doesnt-unlike me ... cuz that could really really really suck

um .. today was lame

oh, the car

well, the brake light was fixd, the seat belt paid for *court, not fix*,the brakes suckd, and will be fixd, the check-engine light was air temp n oxygen gauge broke, so my car was buring more fuel than needed, my oil iz leaking, and my tranny was low n oil.. but no obvious leak known - yet ... so far im totaling at $580 ... the oil n tranny havnt bein -Fixed- yet .. im so fscked


im sad, i hav no car *sniffles*

theres a banner.. about crackheads.. it upsets me slightly

im gonna go do somethin

hopefully im called!! ((916)821-2392) ..


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