2002-11-12 @ 1:48 p.m.
at skoo, midday, lateda ~

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Im at skoo.. bored .. avoiding my usual hangout spot, the Union, because Jennifer iz prolly there. Yeah, i hav ph34r.

Plus, i need to talk to Jill, since i didnt wake up in tyme, damn.

But, i hav class at 3, which is when they get out of skoo, and i hav lab till 6, 6 is when im supposed to be at work *actually, before 6* so yeah... no tyme

I guess ill do it trm?

Csc10 is boring, but i havnt bein to class yet to prove it

Philosophy was boring, I sat in class thinking about Game. Most of the class, thinkin about Game

I really hope im not becoming Jeff ... I also hope I dont smell funny


I dont wanna work, but since i kinda hav to, im gonna.

Besides, if i work today and trm, then i dont havta work agin till next Monday! w00t!!

So yeah, lots of work n such being vented into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -> then i get the rest all to myself! hehehe :) I like this

I sent kiel a cryptic message for Jill, i dont remember how i put it ... somelike like "If her dan issues arent resolved by tuesday nite, then ill help out" ..... hehehehe .. prolly scared the hell out of her, if it got to her *grr at kiel*

Im bored

Im gonna try to spend the nite at jeffs home, since he has DSL ... I got a subsciption to a very very very coolies site ;) hehehe ... 3 day trial, so now i havta d/l as much as possible during those 3 days

wednesday nite im gonna cancel the subscription so that i dont get re-billed for a 30-day $30 subscription ... stupid greedy bastards *grr*


Dawn always updates, which is good, cuz i get to kno whats going on... but Lacey doesnt, and when she does, it doesnt really do justice to the months she spends not-updating ... So, if she *or dawn can relay* sees this, she knows that I want to see more updates!!!


Well, theres a line, and i feel bad since im not doing anything important whatsoever.. so


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