2002-09-25 @ 11:23 p.m.
Now that the war is ~much~ too real ..

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~i cant remember anything, cant tell if this is true or a dream

!*~ Live Your Life Like A Rave-Machine ~*!

::: Has too much fun :::

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Well, im used to hunting sheep, inferiors... and now im up against people who seem to be at least partially aware of the bigger picture. This mean im gonna havta bid some H4rDC0r3... im so glad im the only one who has the stats for this ...

Im going to have a lot of fun. I can see it now.

But, as with most things in nature, gasoline, carbon monoxide, and industrail lubricants win all ties.. so I hav nothing to worry about. Beside, they are all so far away, how can they ever hope to harm me? They think email phases me? Iv had people twice my size within physical proximity to end my life trying to same shit, and I stood up to that :D i ph34r not d34th, for my strength is eternal.

And, if you couldnt guess, im actually more concerned about seeing Jennifer and Jaycee tomarrow than what Ill find in my inbox trm nite

Its a welcomed distraction.


the only part of this i dont like is that they violate my sacred rant space with their eyez, scanning my words, peering into me... *yawn* oh wait, i like attention, nevemind :))

www.sexyrabbit.com <-- if they want a quick way to get into my head.


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