2002-09-26 @ 11:09 p.m.
so awesome of a day ~ Jennifer

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Person: Jennifer

Person: Jennifer, because I can, its my fsckin life!

Person: Jennifer, because shes beautiful, smart, funny, cute, fun, and so much more

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I hav gr34t ph34r.. today was so awesome, the only way karma could balance easily was if i died trm.

I woke up early n got in da car, which sux .. got on campus. went to go sit down, and sat across from Jeffiner w/o even realizing it :) she saw me tho, and so then I sat next to her.. we spent from whenever i got there (8:30?) till she had to leave (10:15) talking.. it was coolies. I bought a Lab Coat, w00t! ...then Philosophy.. its stil boring, but its also a little interesting. then i had a long long break.. ate, sat, read breifly, got some cell-phone info.. called about the second phone interview-> did the interview -> and then .. hehehe ....

I got the job.


so then I go to CSc10... i got to talk with Jaycee, we went to a computer lab in riverside hall and i played w/ QBasic *nostalgia* and she did a online quiz... she showd me rotten.com and some funny-junk-mail shes gotten .... Its not that I was turned off by it, i mean, it could be a good thing even, considering personalitys .... but she was totally unphased by any of that stuff, except for the guy eating the baby... meanwhile the least diaturbing thing was in my opinion, the guy eating the baby. It reminded me of how frogs legs looked when served ... we talked alot tho, it was fun :)

then i got a ride home... mom is considering the cell-phone plans i am researching. stopped by Jills ever so breifly to drop off Jordans camera, since jordan stops by there every so often. I saw Jill online with Dan. Now I know the real reason she never calls me back. X-( but fsck her, she had almost a year to choose me... conpared to the 4-6 months when she liked me but i rejected her .... on to better news

talked with Dawn, who got apparently got dumped ... and the guy was a retard about doing it. If she doesnt mind, if I ever see him, ill slap him :) ... but the conversation had to stop short cuz it was 7:50 and i wasnt even supposed to be online in the first place ...

I call Jennifer. Shes not home yet, I ask her mom (i assume) to have her call me back. Jennifer calls me back at 8:30 sharp (by my clock anyways) and we talk till bout 10:15. but in addition to having a great conversation; I also have a g/f ;) *is overcome with happyness-energy, wiggles while siting alot* hopefully trm ill get to see her.. i havta decide wheather or not to go to my granpas this weekend.. i difficult decision considering what just happened. I think I will, to give this time to sink in while we both apart and thinking objectively. w0rd~ ... but still, this is quite sweet, quite sweet indeed... *giggles*

the only bad part is that dr. verdone jus called fer my mom ... and so now i cant get online till there thru ... fsck. so im typing in Notepad, the most L33t box for which anyone could hope to get to type into. Jennifer is so cute *sigh* but anyways->

my frineds will be jealous, so very jealous ... hehehe, and they have every reason to be :D

well.. now im ending this entry.. maby more after i read email...?

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