2002-09-22 @ 11:53 p.m.
Psychic Fair ~ *yawn*!

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Gaur Ra Ang Ga ~w0rd to ur mother

I cant think of what I want to put in this box?

Story:*Lol* i havnt thought about that fer awile... maby ill do that?

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today was ...err...

woke up, went to a psychic fair. It was cool, but not nearly as cool has i would hav excepted, and in none of the ways i would hav expected.

I wasnt even there 5 minutes, and this old lady workin a booth asks me if i had computer-electrical-skillz. there were lotsa people around, but she picked me. Her CD player wasnt working, the one for her listening-booth she was running. It had a similiar problem to a CD player i had awhile ago, but i couldnt fix it... she gave me a free CD for trying. Later, she had another CD player go dead ... LAter, she gave me a free flute-playing lesson ($30 value) ... She was called on by a spirit to create these special flutes.. she was a school teacher, and tried to resist for 6 months, but finally gave in... her flutes are handcrafted from driftwood that got wet enough to sink, its pulled up from the bottom of lakes n rivers, dried for 10-20 years... and then crafted *altho i doubt shes the wood-reclaimer* ... I wanted the flute, i had a vibe ... i dont hav $200+

Then there was the cute asian working the bracelet booth ... i wanted two bracelets, totaling 22$ before tax. She decided to give me a discount, 20$ & no tax... and she custom fitted one of them since it was a little small, using the stones i wanted ... yep, JonNy G. fer reals :)

then it turns out Kiel iz losing it... Laura got institutionalized by the grandparents because they were tired of dealing with her n kiel ... had a restraining order put on him fer both the property and Laura herself ... she doesnt turn 18 until next september, so kiel has no g/f till then ....

jordan, kiel, n I chilld awhile, went to carls jr, came back.. it wasnt interesting, but it was oddly fun. talked to Jill breifly, updated her on my decline mental health, reminded her of the ~ONLY~ thing im after ..... she might call me to try and dissuade me, but she knows that theres no reason whatsoever for her to say no. I can provide anything, do anything... i hav infinite potencial, going to waste because of her bad decision.

so yea.. not much day, but it was a day .......... the psychic flocked around me like animal flock around psychics. They can ph33l my L33t presence. ~word

I wonder if Im the Anti-Christ. Hmm...? prolly not

I girl named Fiona emailed me. She did so in defence of Jer. Im curious ...

I was supposed to write a paper fer english.



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