2002-07-30 @ 9:02 p.m.
my awful day.. that doesnt sound that bad after i typed it

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Still not in the mood fer funky-boxes .....

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My day suck'd ...

Last nite some fool kissed Emma.. she didnt fight back ... Totally not the nicest thing to hear when I first wake up ... Then I go roaming, in da car...

Alidia is still the same person she was when I first met her -- unlikeable .. so I lost a valueble past-tyme ... it was lame....

Kiel informed me that someone put ~4~ rocks in my gastank... its a pretty stupid thing, both to do n to tell me.. so ill either get the guilty partys name, or my moms lawyer will :D and either way, this shouldnt cost me much...

I drove around somemore, bad idea when your fear of death isnt all there... i drove, err.. ~fast~ ... I determined the theme of the day is ~betrayal~

Then, It turns out one'a Emma's friends died... that suckd..

I got home n slept.. I wanted to cry, but i couldnt ... tryed to wake up n get food.. couldnt ... i finally started moving at around 7 ...Ate food, then came online..

I talked things thru with Emma... we may even be closer... She knew exactly what to say .. I forgave her.

Im kinda afraid tho.. i always get suspicious when things seem to-good-to-be-true .. Emma is starting to fit that profile :D ... Shes too coolies, even when she betrays me :D ...

And as soon as she logs offine, Sara comes online ... I wonder if i hav ranted about her.. basically, she was before Jill, and Jill pre-dates almost everyone i know now ... I had one'a those love-spawn-crushes all thru freshman year .. not the point, ill full-rant laterz..

However, were talking now...

Im gonna go, i told everyone about my day... and im not even sure what my mood is.. so :P


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