2002-07-29 @ 7:11 p.m.
w00t!! PH34R M4 AW3S0M3-N355-L337

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Grr! Im not in the mood fer this!

Person:Emma! w00t!!

Person:Jill -n- Dan; sitting in a tree...

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Today was insanely boring, except for a few breif sections of cooliesness...

The first came while emailing Emma, and, the usual conclusion, Im kickin' things up a notch, ph34r d4 h4r|><0r3 L33t ... then Lacey msgs me, she didnt -ditch- anyone, she jus picked that one lame fool over ppl that are worth something ... well, my opinion anywayz, she obviously knows somethin i dont *or maby the other way around?* in any case, No life-changes occurd ...

Then, i roamed the land in m4 car, needing entertainment, i was at home awile, called Becky.. it was fun, i want to play on her puter.. i havnt touched a puter that fast before... *drools* and i may even fix the old one, and/or jack in from them... hehehe... in any case, that was coolies...

Then i was at Kiels home awile, talked to Jill alot, and since my memory, well.. that almost an oxymoron, i rarely remember much, maby cuz i dont hav to, everything is archived? ... in any case, since I couldnt actually go into any detail, i agreed to send exerpts of my various archives, they would act as details ... she'll laugh, i kno it... And maby she'll actually get wit Dan, since i did send the Dan-archive ... hehe ...

I now need to find some way to earn lotsa money.. fast ... If this was a video-game, id walk back-n-forth in an area where random-battles occur, so that I would gain LV's n GP quickly.. then Id show Emma ~just~ who she picked a fight with -->*even im getting bored with that quote, but its jus so coolies!* ... so yeah, i dont kno where id find that irl... I need a job where I show up whenever, clock in, and work until i dont feel like working anymore... some days id work 10-16 hrz *like today*, some dayze i would work normal, some dayze i wouldnt show up... thatd be perfect .... .. but that job doesnt exist :(( ... im saddened. If it does, email-me, that way i can change my major ASAP !!!

well, gotta go fer nows, im bored of typing...



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