2002-07-24 @ 8:42 p.m.
Keys, Emma, Tranny-Fluid

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E-Mail:Jill got an Email address today.. email her!!

Car:~I Love My Car~

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for fun --> today i gave Jillian the 'keys' to my diary so to speak *cant type; Lol'ing histerically*

Well, I got a ride from Jeff's dad to the transmission place to get my car ... Got my car, it cost me $36.55 for a new coolies dipstick, and for some transmission fluid... then I went to Jills... Forced her puter into L33t-ness ; showed her my diary ; ... then left... Went to Auot-Zone to get transmission fluid/stop leak.. went to Chevron n filled up my tank... Went to Baskins Robbins and got Cherry-Jubilee *its normal cherry ice-cream w/ some actual cherrys in it* ... then got to Jeffs... my putr wasnt letting me to stuff.. it started wiggin out bad ... It needed a DeFrag .. so it got a fscking defrag ... and that was many hours i cant jack on... so i go home, Wash my car *I Love My Car* and then format/restored michaels crackd-out puter ... it was so fscked up, the starting intergrated unstoppable "e-machine" pop-up .. didnt pop up ... *gasps* ... yeah.. so i bust out some L33t skillz n fix it :D

... My mom n fat-kid went to the Gym .. i would hav to, but my shoulder, so i cant work out fer awhile *crys* ... i realized that in one of the injury-pics i might hav shown under-da-shirt parts of me... I mean, it aint shit, but it jus a thought, since i dont think that has happened since i was 8 ..?

I got a ride from her, she'll be back in bout an hour.. then im gonna force fat-kidz puter into leetness.. ... I need a job, trm i might/prolly will go to the Career Center at CSUS, try n get an on-campus job ... ill take anything that pays tho :) i need $$$$$$$ badly ...

I ph34r, no reply yet from Emma..

Jill saw the diary, she saw some entrys that she had a different take on events depicted.. so ill post them when/if she emails me with the corrections ..??? ...

her email address is: [email protected]

Im bored, so im gonna go ...

byebye fer nows!!

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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