2002-07-21 @ 2:23 p.m.
is/was/will be ; Lame

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Web Cam: I got it to work!! PH34R!!!

Piccy:This is TOO funny!!

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So, i went home, went to sleep, woke up..

Mom talked to me, fer like an hour.. about the DSL *which we are getting* and other computer stuff *she fears my skillz* ... so im getting DSL *SWEET!* which means im taking my puter home soon ... ish

My car has a transmission appointment... I fear. I really hope my car doesnt cost me too much money. My mom bought clothes, i didnt want clothes, and wanted insurance money!! ... but oh well.

I also got a memebership to Worlds Gym ... which means i can go workout fer reals, in a Gym ... ??? ... makes little difference to me, but its still kinda coolies :D

I got the WebCam to work!! You should ph34r m4 w3bc4m!! ph34r w1t gr34t ph34r!!!! So if you care, d/l Yahoo! , cuz im only using Yahoo! cuz i only kno how to work Yahoo! ... so fsck you.

*lol at the lil rhyme^^*

But nothing really happened, i got an email from Emma, that was coolies, i replyed... Jeff seems to hav *by some means* acquired Final Fantasy X ... I ph34r. so hes playing that... im bored, so very bored... I want Gabby to come on. I really hope she liked the email i sent las nite.....

trm im gonna go to the transmission thing, drop off my work-shit and get my final check... jeff wants to visit Crystal's sister at 3pm, im gonna try to pre-scout at 12... I havta prep, since I hav skillz un-tappable in Jeffs presence, i havta make sure everyone underestimates me at all tymes, so when I do finally go all-out, they never see it comin' :) hehehe...

*Intermission : Distracted by the funky Ad thing*

ok, fear the erotic-diarys...

anyways, my day is/was/will be lame. trm might be interesting tho :) .. maby ill go home n call ppl?? maby.


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