2002-07-22 @ 10:43 a.m.
About Las Nite ~ transmission ~ blah

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E-Mail:Gabby, she's so sweet*sigh*

Mood: Im still in "Manic" ... i think it'll be a few dayze till I go "Depressive" agin

Person:Gabby, prolly the reason "Manic" hasnt ended yet

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ok, so i feel asleep las nite.. not easily.. daydreaming ;)

but i did finally sleep, then i woke up..

Mom woke me up, we had to go take my car to that tranmission place... we did.. i had to do this hard-core U-turn deal, cuz i didnt see the place, she did tho... so we dropped off the car, the dudes gonna get to it trm... i got a ride home... then i rode really fast to jeffs home.

I was surprized to see ppl online, especially surprized to see Gabby... so I talked to her, told her bout my nite/day... shes really fun to talk to. but she had to go, so now im posting...

laterz, im getting my final Carls Jr pay-check, giving them my work-clothes-hat stuff... then, jeff insists, we got to Crystals.. he wants the sister *sigh* ... so ill go watch him get turnd down... ill test my L33t skillz while im there, since i hav no interest wheather or not anything happens :) itll be funny when we both get slapped...

so basically today is only a lil less boring than my previous two.

i hav rants, cant remember any... -0ut

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