2003-03-05 @ 12:58 a.m.
random entry, third of today~ nott that it matters!

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ok, so todays lesson->

online chat is crap

yahoo chat is crap; DLand chat is worse...

its all about the IRL

but where the fuck is the irl chatroom?

i mean, where do people go?

oh well

i hate life

but in a playful excuse-type way

i need to kno the first 6 general orders by thursday.. i dont kno shit... this might suck

*starts praying now*

oh, and the new Jillian was too busy to talk to me.. i almost cried... that was weird, cuz i was sitting there, felt the tears.. then was all "whoa, wait.. this isnt 'jill' .. chill out" .. im getting creeped out by myself now

i await news from dwight about that Christina chick.. i don think anything will come of it

my stereo isnt being 'stereo' these past few days.. im gonna havta break something.. grr.... *hates monotone*

and, small fonts suck, jus in genenal...

i bit off all my nails.. im starting to care which means incredible amounts of nervous energy.. grr..

***hits stereo really hard, all 4 speakers start working again***

i love my skillz

im gonna type awhile about all sorts of crap

iv bein listen to Alkaline Trio while sleeping... the song that are on that playlist are:

another innocent girl*
as you were
bloodied up
cooking wine*
dead end road
enjoy your day
fuck you aurora*
goodbye forever
hell yes*
im dying tomorrow
madam me
maybe ill catch fire*
my friend peter
my little needle
private eye
queen of pain
san francisco*
she took him to the lake
sorry about that*
standard break from life
steamer trunk
stupid kid*
take lots with alcohol
this is getting over you
trouble breathing
tuck me in*
youre dead
youve got so far to go

most are good songs, a few totally rock, they get stars* at the end... and should be d/l'd imediately!!

most of the songs are about jill... or laura, or both, or i havnt heard the song... that why i like this band :D

in fact, that playlist is on now

nitenite fer nows

I Love You All!

so email me!


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