2002-10-12 @ 3:17 a.m.
And so it came to pass ~ no one missed it

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Jennifer: , She not really that gothic , ya kno? ;)

Mood: kinda good, kinda sad; i want Jennifer *grr*

Stuff: Jesus, lucifer, game, skelator, fudge-n-ballz, and The Ffej, who lost a permanent mental trait

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my rest of the day wasnt very cool. <> I read all of megatokyo agin ... right as i finsihed, Kiel shows up, w/ travis n CJ ... we go adventuring ... were equipped w/ my lite saber, kiel trash-can-lid-sheild ..... and then later, on the way to ? we find this giant-nightstick-squiggee-thingy ... kiel n CJ go to CJz, me n travis burn for temporis, time suddenly shifts, kiel is coming back from Cjz w/o CJ and then dwight finds us, we goto kecks, we goto keils, we goto the park -> we play the knight-kobold game *its crazy, made on-the-spot, but really really fun!!* Ffej shows up, we play more... i suck at being knight, we then goto dwights, and do some mock-vtm which is quite extremely lame... i made up, like, 7 different things to throw other than rock-paper-skizzorz, like the masterbating guy, the telescope, the dog, the dike, the left-handed skizzorz, etc....

then we go inside, talk *ffej sux* and then ffej leaves... ~silence~ ... ~boredom~ ... and now im home

not a very L33+ dai...

I miss Jennifer. i wish she was there.. we woulda had fun ... lotsa fun :).. well, prolly not, but still

i wish i hadnt been sick. grr

i still am, but less-than earlyier, and yesterday ...

i almost lost my b'himen to the slide tonite ... i was trying to dodge the lightsaber by darting down this kiddyslide, the kind the are two-in-one with that bar-thing down the middle .... i sat down quickly, hard, on the beginning-edge ... omg, it hurt so bad, i thought i broke my ass-bone, or died or something ... d4 p41n was fierce ... but layd on my side awhile, then recovered, now im better :)

my pig had no tail. wtf?

and then they try arguing about religion. oh no! i hav d4 J35u5-L33+, and so i throughly combated their ignorance. .. and that makes me thinks of Jennifer agin ... i want her here, teach her anew the meaning of ph34r ;)

im gonna sleep, its fsckin 3:30am


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