2002-09-06 @ ~ MidNite ~
lame friday - tired, treks

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Mood: Insightful, cuz of dreamz *w00t!*

Person: Patricia, she needs a hug

Future: Four Chances. -> College, Chick, Navy, A-Blazin'

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today was alot shorter, and somehow more lame...

around 8-8:30 i arrive at CSUS like normal .. i do my precalc homework .. *9-10* i sat in the union, on a nice comfortable chair, then in front of the class itself, on the floor ... met Daniel, he also has CSc10 w/ me ... at 10 the class begins, i get to talk breifly with Crystal, and the class ends ... i check the info-center at CSUS about the busses, then proceed to take bus 82,to American River College, then bus 1, to sunrise mall ... i walk from there to Alidias ... i get there very early, at about 1:10 ... her dad-person sees me, and i am alowwed in .. i do some percalc, then sleep ... then he gets her from skoo at 3 ... and the day turns sour ... some'a her friends, and her b/f come over... then her sister gets bitchy -> the end result was everyone being kicked out ... i chill wit some'a her friends awhile, at a comic store *not -the- comic store tho* ... i bought "How to draw Manga #1" .. and that was sweetness indeed ... then we go back to her house, and not too long after are made to leave agin .... and as im starting my walk, more male-frineds of hers show up ... insult to injury ...

sp anywayz-> i walk for a long while, then wait a long while fer the bus, then sit on the bus a long while ....

i walk the rest of the way home from the bus-stop, only to realize i missed part of my Friday Nite Bonus Treks .... i saw the rest tho, and they were all ones iv seen *is proud of that* ... they were ok episodes, not too bad, not very good ...

I had an insight into recurring themes in my dreams n daydreams ...

whenever i feel inadequate or powerless, phasers are usually a very common theme in my daydreams n dreams ... and in alot of my dreams when im making bad choices in my life, it affects the phasers performance...

For instane, a long time ago,, when i was a stupid lil kid doing something stupid n life-altering daily; i had a dream were phasers were being passed out ... instead of grabbing one of the larger, fully function, high-powered ones, i waited, and annoyed the ensign that was distributing them, and finally ended up with a small back-up phasers.. it didnt work after a few shots, and i was fscked .... i think it symbolized how my bad choices were affecting my performance n happyiness in reality ... then last nite, i had a dream were i had a phaser, and i was chasing someone .. this person had a great importance to me .. or somethin .. i was very determined ... this phaser looked to be an older type, but it was functional .. it was dark/dusk out .. and i had limited power on the phaser.. so i try to lower the charge so i could get more shots .. but in the dark i couldnt see which buttons i was pressing, and so i ended p widening the firing-beam, making the phaser useless .... once it was light-out, i saw my error and corrected the phaser.

Im thinking this is either pointing out some current mistake, and once some time passes ill realize my mistakes and will be able to fix them .. or its replaying my past, showing me that im doing good now, and that before was only a mistake, since i couldnt see the true way to fix things .......

in either case, i do kno that the phaser is getting steadily more-powerful; im on the right track somehow ...

oh, i havnt finished my night :) silly me ... a very different way to end my nite ... it was a very good nite ...

I talked to Patricia awhile, shes having some issues, nothing i havnt bein thru .. but i feel sad too, since i can relate very well ... I really hope shes ok, and of course, im willing to help out in any way :D ..

so yeah... she went offline, my Treks ended, now im typing before sleep

nitenite fer nows

Live Long n Prosper ;)


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