2003-05-01 @ 12:15 a.m.
coolies day... and for once, no chick was involved?

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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I had a good day. Now, the part that most got my attention wasnt the funness I had today, or the injuries... It was the fact that i didnt deal with lil girls today, or at least, i didnt actually -think- alot about them

i woke up, checked the emails n shit... dwight was on his way, christina emailed telling me to come over?... and i tihnk something else? .. well anyways, i wanted for dwiz, took my peewee to christinas *its not peewee, but a ball of fur in a bag, from katie, which is peewee-sized, all it needs now is those two beady eyues chrisitna mentioned that say "punch me!" ... so we went to BV, got christina, went to her home, pciked up a girl named Amanda? *NPC...* and went to christinas, chilld a bit, then took amanda home.. she lives hella close to mesa *closer than me* and goes to BV.. and walks????

so then we go fer dwight jill-run.. he said that shit between me n jill was fixable, and i could hav, but instead fucked up.... he outlined his plan.. i laughed, i did better. the only reason he thinks that is because shes a dumb slut and wants him... oh, that reminds me, i keep obtaining friends that are considerably more-likable than me... wheather it be kecks H4rDC0r3 skater-ness, kiels infinite lies, or dwights beat-down... everyone seems to hav an incredible upper-hand on the chick'age scene....... i think i need to go it alone fer awhile, jus stop hanging out with anyone. i need to tap my own truer-self's H4rDC0r3 pool, because that is what i hav... H4rDC0r3 matched by an 0v3rcl0ck3d processor... anywayz->

so then we go to kecks, and after, like an hour, we go to this skatepark out in eldorado hillz or some shit... but see, this place wanted us to pay, and it had madatory helmet'age... WTF? ... so then we go across the street to this school, alot of very sweet grind-type-stuff to skate, they loved it, i playd a lil too... i also explore the schools, since they were two right next to each other... then at, like 7or something*???* we go to the cars , and that skatepark is more-open, so we can skate it... it was fun... so were home at around 8-8:30 .. find out my phone has lotsa voicemail, since we were out-of-service-area... laura n alyssa. calld laura from dwights after dropping off JQ n beeman, calld alyssa too... nothing much really happend there i think.. laura wants to marry me? but not b/f'd me... err... ?

so then we go back down towards our area, keck was going with weast, vollman, n alyssa to meet some chick vollman is taking to prom? ... so we go to beemans and hangout fer dayze... is was boring, keck doesnt call us fer dayze, he busy, then busy fscking alyssa... finally, dwight says 'fuck it' and we go home.. now im here... keck calld, he wants to go do something... dwights online, and not-calling him fer awhile lowering the chances of still doing something... i dunno whats gonna happen?

leslie emaild... she wants a reply... she prolly wont get one for at least a day or few.. if ever. i dont play games with lil girls anymore.

christina talkd with me too ... about getting together, or, should i say, Not-getting together. her excuses are always so pleasant :) i mean, at face-value they should piss me off... but they dont? its nice like that :D

so yeah, very lil todo with lil girls, and lots of fun... trm i might jus rollerblade all day agin, or find some equally un-girl-related activity...

dwight i think wants attention... so

byebye fer nows


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