2003-04-29 @ 10:35 p.m.
a fairly coolies day.. okay, not really... but still!

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Mood: kinda w34k, kinda H4rDC0r3, all me

E-Mail: E-Mail Me!! I Want Attention!!

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ok, today.. but first, some funny shit!



Get together with friends
Watch a happy video
Learn something new
Read a good book
Play games
Do an activity
Enjoy a hobby
Play a sport
Listen to music
Make something new
Eat a great meal
Go to the zoo
Smell a flower
Draw a picture
Take a bubble bath
Join a club
Give a hug
Get a hug
Talk to friends
Wish on a star
Run through a sprinkler
Go camping
Do a jigsaw puzzle
Memorize a song
Help a friend in need
Build a sand castle
Find a home for a stray animal
Write a skit
Do good deeds
Have lemonade on a hot day
Blow bubbles
ExerciseClimb a tree
Run through a field of wild flowers
Tickle a baby’s tummy
Play with your pet
Cheer someone up
Roll in the grass
Snuggle a stuffed animal
Swing on a swing
Eat ice cream
Walk barefoot in the sand
Play with a little kid
Do cartwheels
Go birdwatching
Give a gift
Play some hoops
Kiss a parent
Watch the clouds
Start a garden
Learn a language
Play an instrument
Go fishing
Make a gift
Set your goals
Phone a friend
Have a picnic
Think happy thoughts
Ride a bike
Watch the ocean
Look at old photos
Smile/make someone else smile
Finish what you start
Solve a riddle
Watch a sunset
Jump rope
Gather seashells
Whistle a tune
Read a poem
fly a kite
Do a favor
Surprise someone
Play catch
Throw a party

.... yeah.. totally bullshit... but just to make sure, im gonna go 'watch a happy video' , 'do an activity, , learn somethin new' , 'think some happy thoughts', and 'play games' with myself until i orgazm ...

*shudders; then lolz till i choke on my tongue*

oh, and im not sure iv mentioned this, but jax is SO cool that i might just read her diary till i orgazm!!! same shit iv bein thinking *altho im 18, so i might get attacked to;)* ... but still!

okay, now for the actualy chronology.

so dwight picks me up, we go to see jill *his link to zombies *ahemm* michelle ...* and he sees her, and jus jumps out of the car, and says "go my car somewhere" as he runs off... so i park it, and walk around the skoo trying to find him, i do.. see ppl that i knew, like Twinkie, The Ethopian Princess *hes cool* n Zac Loveless, and a few others... finally i find dwight, follow him towards dan n toe, where jill usually picks them up to hav sex.. Christina calls, and right at about that tyme, jill shows up.. so i walk towards her, and apprently dan was sneaking up on me *i thought she was smiling cuz she new im H4rDC0r3* .. anywayz, after we met *we walked at each other, ya kno* i walked backwards... and dan hella ran n tryed to knock me down... i instinctily burnt for Aegis, and so all that happend is the smoothie i was holding with three fingers dropped... it was almost empty anywayz, so it hit the ground, and faded out *like in the video games* ... he said something about not talking to jill? i decided not to get the beat-down for dwights sake... so he talks to jill, i talk to christina awhile, who thankfully isnt oblivious .... anywayz~!

so then we did something, whatever, ended up at kecks, and then after some chill'age we went to this church-thing? LOTS of fine lil church-girls... i saw Hannah even *drools* ... omfg, im such a lil girl tho.. i couldnt talk to anyone, i was w34k. too many new people at once, and me without any magic items, and i was cold... excuses i know, but i hav vowed to both hav a next-tyme, and to talk to Hannah. its is already done, i jus havnt had the day yet. also there was this one, iv seen her before, but didnt think much of it, it was around christmas then... Tory, and i want her.. and some tall blonde chick... plus, there were like 15 other NPC's who were prolly useable for ciontavcts or whatever... i got to punch keck tho... it was funny... i bidd, like, all my H4rDC0r3 at once, and knocked him across the lil ring place... after that i was w34k, and so i got knocked around a bunch...

so they tried to get everyone to go inside to hear the surmon.. we left *cuz were all evil lil fucked up satanist kids* ... anywayz

so we cruize awhile, waste tyme somehow, take Alyssa n keck to kecks, go to dwights home, he talks to laura... hes taking laura to prom.. now while im very afraid of having an actual relationship with laura, she is nice, cute, and kissable... and i kinda wanted to go to prom with her... and dwight -doesnt- want to, but is??

well whatever

so laterz we go to dwights moms home, jack some CD's *including silverchair - neon ballroom, and slipknot - iowa *smiles brightly* ... then we rockd out on the way home

now im here

i got 10 *ten* emails!! im loved!!

i havta reply to those... and to laura, cuz i havta show her -exactly- who she picked a fight with... this is while typing to Lauren, who im not sure what exactly to comment about


and i realized, im awful! iv mentioned, like 8 girls.... and im not even mentioning, like 6 other main ones... but see, then i remember my explaination, none of them like me back! this is all a pointless waste of -my- tyme... and if im wrong, and your a chick and are tihnking "that stupid bastard, i like him!" .... you have an email to write. Now!

i hav some emails, and some IM windows to type at... i cant think of more...

nitenite fer nows


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