2003-04-29 @ 11:56 p.m.
random lameness, straight from hell *ahemm* my life?

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CellPhone: 8212392 , call? *altho tonite youll get dwight, cuz im dumb and forgot my phone*

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jus a breif entry, i played the emotional-rollercoaster game... each lil window proudcing a very different emotion. i seem to remember lauren typing somewhere that she wanted to have affected someone to the point of leaving them bitter? ... well, not in those words.. like i remember a line that mentioned she hadnt earned the title 'bitch' or something from an ex? ... well, beside concern for her, she is a heartless bitch! i mean, her her goddamn diary!! Anyone who is reviled at affection should be shot! that is SO dumb, i pray n cry n want to die for lack of affection, and people like her squander it. Fuck Her.

we had a nice conversation tho... for once she left not-hating me? ... odd

laura, omfg.. laura .... well, my opinion of her has very little reason to change... buit hse didnt actually do anything yet. see, i emailed her telling her how i felt. good and bad. i even over-emephasized the good a lil... only a lil tho... *i repaeted myself once i think* .... shes gonna flip out. and when she does, i win. one more useless NPC i get to iggy.

Christina, well, she actually never does anything thats too bad. iv done worse. but still, i feel so awful every tyme i think about her...

and then ->

Dawn, who i had a nice lil chat with... i wanna cut out her brain, and put in one'a the useless NPC's bodys.. or jus get her moved.. either way ;) .. shes too young for any long-term to come from it, but still...

and Jess, who goes to JFK, which in in sac somewhere... prolly a good 15-20 miles away... id be willing to try for it, but she'll prolly hate me by the end of the week... i dont think shes read the diary yet...

see? even in the face of happyness, i can feel worthless :D YaY!!

Oh, i need to add one more thing... theres a few words tha ttotally piss me off... like some kinda of mlaicious vacalizations that make me wanna scream or kill people or die or something...

youv heard a few, for instance, Fetus, and Tampon.. those are lame... Pickled Fetus is very ick .... Frank Herbert is another... now normally i hav the will to jus *shudder* and not-care much... but when im drubnk, dont ever say these!! i take swings... seriously, i tore up my hands so badly over frank that 22 nite... so, now for the new word.. its Kawaii. I hated it before Lauren, now it makes me wanna tear your throat out... literally, like you could tell me you fucked my grandma, and show me the pictures, and id wanna hit you less... some thing jus set me off i guess?

thats it fer nows


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