2003-04-28 @ 12:56 p.m.
coolies morning, hopefully the day follows....

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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""please dont be mad i still wnt to be your friend i you would let me i am really sorry and i dont want to do anything to hurt anyone i am sorry if i hurt you in any way i really am and i really do like you and i want you to know that im still here if you need someone to talk to i know you probaly dont want anything to do with me because i am now what you call an ex but i really dont like that word at all i was so upset yesterday when you hung up on me i wrote that late two phrases and went to my room to go cry because you did that but if you still want to hate me i can understand well give me an answer to this e-mail please im begging you please

"" <<--- email from leslie

my day has started surprizingly good... i had a dream, it was about my relationship with kiel, kinda... lots of fun happend in the dream, altho i cant remember most of it.. the end, where there was this huge, awesome playplace and kiel, who just admitted to this ministadium of people exactly how awful he his *it was scary* ... and something about M&M's? but yeah, the playplace was cool, i wanna build it IRL and play in it all day!

then i woke up, feeling fairly rested... i like wwaking up in a coma, where i cant move and my body is all weird-feeling .... anywayz-> got to talk to Emma!! w00t!! i was happ, even if it wasnt very long .... leslie emaild me, im considering emailing back, only because im nice :) .... then, i read Zeke's diary, where for once in his life *ok, hes prolly done it before, i jus wasnt looking* he went H4rDC0r3 and stood up fer his belief'ies ... it was cool, read it!


so as i said, a cool morning... also, someone calld my cellphone... i dont kno who it is, or if i do im dumb and forgot the number..... its local tho, so maby laterz ill call it back?

i think im gonna go tho.. not much really to type?


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