2003-04-27 @ 8:29 p.m.
chore'age, ok day, even tho...... read it :P

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Mood: bein dumped by stupid lil girls is getting easyer...?

Challenge: I need to go find one tho... grr'

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im not sure iv mentioned this before... but did you kno that sometymes lil girls can really piss me off?

but first, some day'age

so dwight did go off to get laura, i did some chores before and after... washed bonnie and katie and brushed katie... katie hates brushing, so we had to muzzle her and then i brushed while mom petted her and made sure she didnt get the muzzle off *katie can actually undo the muzzle if given the chance* ... then the bath... shes is mortally terrified of the bathtub, and never before have we gotten her into one... but this tyme i actually un-did the glass-doors on the shower... but see, i set one down, on tiles, and like, the resonace made the door !~SHATTER~! in my hands.. i was covered in thousands of glass shards and pinpricks... so i showerd and such, and fixed the rest of the glass-doors *well, un-fixed them off* ... i got to smash the other one.. i may even hav a pic!! :)

so then katie was putting up a fight, i said ~H4rDC0r3~ and carried her into the bathroom, and held her still while mom washed... bonnie was -way- easyer.... then dwight came back with laura after awhile... we chilld and got beeman, they scored weed, smoked at the grand oaks *my elementary school, that i can see out my front window... memories* ... and some weird dude tryed talking to me, but i ran, and the dude flipped out, talked to dbeeman, and then dwight n laura *they were stoned, and had split up to look for me* but the dude i guess calld the cops??? but we had made it to the corsica by then...... i never thought i would have gotten to drive a corsica.. but i did, i drove beeman, laura, and then dwight home... and ended up staying the nite at dwights

woke up at various random tymes, laura kept calling?. ..... finally moved at 1:30 ate n such, we went to my home, bathed both cats, and brushed katie agin, i got paid $35 fer all my chore'age, and i had $30 from gran... i deposited it, it totals $90 *in my bank* ...??? .... then we tryd to chase these super-hot skater-chicks... instead dwights car screamd... hois brakes are messed up, and he needs new pads, like, two days ago :) ... so yeah... then we went looking fer his dad, went to his home n chilld, and then we came here? ...

dwight left awhile ago to talk to jill about michelle..... laura calld a few tymes, nothing important... leslie got home, talked online fer a few minutes, shes decided to un-b/f'd me... cuz im not a stupid lil kid... whatever.. lauren was online, started talking to her, but then she reminded me that shes a stupid lil girl too **she was proud, she turned 16, and can still hav a relationship like a 7th grader** ... yep... thats my day... dwight came back, and is talking to laura.. about leslie or somethin? whatever

im gonna go waste my tyme, doing something?

nitenite fer nows


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