2003-04-28 @ 12:38 a.m.
random entry... lateda

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okay, so after i updated, dwight got driven home by my mom, who sucks horribly... we got to listen to The Council in the Avenger.. cool, right? . no, cuz shes a bitch and didnt let us turn it up... still, even at the super-low setting, the sweet bass was massging my toes *and seriously, it was low, like, a could talk softly and mom could hear...... i hate her

then we got home, i got online, lateda...

looked thru lots of local diarys... than thru local yahoo profiles, then local MSN profiles...

found los of NPC's ...

i feel kinda bad tho, cuz odi is coolies, i think she either likes me, un-likes me, or something... im jus kinda afraid, im very catious of what i say to her, cuz that weird lil switch in my brain that says "Care!" cant be turned off... she was sad tonite, im not sure why, im seriously hoping its not me. not only that, but i forgot to give her the password, so she thought i didnt want her to read it... so i totally feel like shit for that too.. lots of ~guilt~ ... im prolly jus tripping out over nothing... its kinda funny even, cuz im flippin out more over this than over leslie, who just un-b/f'd me earlyer tonite...

oh, and i found a diary of someone who works at HotTopic, who im kinda jealous of.. dwight talked to him on AIM.. scares me kinda... never met a guy online before... weirdness... i dun like guys.... but dwight hella wants to go talk to him... ????

well , whatever... ill avoid that meeting.. or at least try

i need to meet more ppl... i need to expand my NPC-base-population ... cuz al the onez i kno suck... and since they -are- randomly generated, all i hav to do i keep searching till i find one with jus the right combonation of suck'age...

well... im gonna go


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