2003-04-22 @ 10:24 p.m.
Destiny-Path attackd me ~ and a really coolies day with Leslie!!

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CellPhone: 8212392 , call? **altho I n33d ca$h to pay fer it!**

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my destiny-path is fucking with me agin! ... but first, i totally unrelated day->

ok, so i wake up cuz laura calld, and im not getting for laura... so i wake up a bit laterz on my own, shower n such, then get calld, its dwight, and hes on his way.. so i hang out with dwight, we pick on kiel some, we get to visit with Laura n Leslie... they went to turn in applications, but instead of walking, they drove, and we chilld.... got to kiss Leslie more, and omfg *faints* so awesome... Leslie was the girl that 4 years ago wouldnt hav given me the time-of-day.. shes so cute n sweet n -so- out-of-my-league... and she likes me *giggles* ... so yeah

then i chill with dwight more, meet his friend michael agin, he does a drug-deal, lateda, fairly normal day... but i kinda had this weird thought churn thru my head all day

then dwight drops me off... and that moment.. it surfaces

What if I quit The Navy?

yeah, crazy huh?

so im hella thinking about it now? and i need feedback!! serious feedback!! like, more than any other tyme before!! ... basically, what do you think, should I stay w/ Navy, or go do something else? if i was to ditch Navy, would you praise me, or be like "fsck you, you w34k lil girl pansy!" ....????

of course, i have about $5,000 of debt'ish till im a happy civilian... and then another $10,000 before ill be a career-civilian .... so yeah.. my thinky is doing just that...

and thats why.. i think this was all part of my destiny's plan.. to show me that BumStyle is the worst time of my life, and that the only way to be happy is thru direct H4rDC0r3 ......

or maby this is some lil phase that will pass by trm?

im gonna search fer a tech. school tho

so nitenite fer nows!!


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