2003-04-21 @ 11:28 p.m.
Leslie !~ coolies day ~ and i have a g/f ...

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Person: Leslie, my 5th *holy shit, 5th?* g/f

Day: super-uber-tres-grande-coolies day, thanks to Leslie, and a really bright dual-rainbow

Food: i kinda feel hungry?

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okay, today

so, it starts off kinda *yawn*.. cuz i woke up, emaild some pplz who i havnt emaild in awhile, thought about stuff... but luckily dwight calls... so i get ready, and dwight pciks me up.. and Christina is with him? ... im kinda "ok, whatever" and we go to her house n chill awhile, i get to type on her DLand, which was weird? ... shes kinda all over dwight tho, which was a kinda wtf? thing...

then we leave, cuz its getting close to ppl-arriving tyme *it was about 2:45pm* and so we go to kiels.. hes was all acting dumb n shit.. pissed me off, so we ditch him, and i call Laura ... so we go over there, and i get to visit with leslie awhile.. it was kinda fun :) but the cool part was a lil later,. cuz dwight n laura went to get some potatoes fer the foster-mom, and so me n leslie jus kinda hung-out awhile.. not much really happend, jus some playfullness... but see, laura n dwight were ploting.. and so when they got back, we went to ryan *leslie ex-b/f as of today ;)*'s home, and chilld a bit while some drama unfolded ... but imediately after we left leslie calls this fool on my cellphone and breaks-up with him... sweetness, eh? .. it gets better, cuz as we were leaving, i got, like, the swettest, softest kiss... omfg, its over for her *sighs dreamily* ... so anyways, me n dwight drive back towards our area, and we stop at the shell station ... theres two rainbows, both brighter than one iv ever seen... omg, so beautiful.. i thought of Becky, but i also realized that this was a sign, a serious sign

so laters Laura tells me to ask leslie out officially... i was gonna wait till, like, trm, but ok :)? i do, and she was kinda un-fun about that *shakes fist at laura* but she was gonna email me

so we end up at dwights after awhiles, and i check da email, and shes my g/f *oh, the sweetness* ... me n dwight chill, checking email n talking to our g/f's *cuz at some point during all this dwight n laura became an Item. ...? and so now things are coolies

he rest of the nite doesnt really matter, but its coolies.... we go to kecks, try toarrange to Cyphon gas from cars, but we only got this 2gallon container, no tube... so we drive arund trying to find a tube? well, we didnt find anywhere that sold on that'd work, so were giving up fer nows, gonna get supplies trm and do this trm nite :D

and then i came home

now im here

Leslie is prolly the hottest g/f iv had, omg... not only that, but shes surprizingly mature n down-to-earth.. shes not all dumb n shit, like almost every other girl around. so yeah i guess i broke my lil self-challenge to not hav another g/f fer a very long tyme, but then agin, i didnt super-try for this, leslie liked me :D ... i jus hope things dont turn out badly, cuz thatd suck

i feel cool tho, cuz i obtained a magic-item :) see, i stole these balls, ya kno, the kind that are on the wire or whatever? these are the HotTopic larger-than-normal kind and there coolies, and there Leslies, but i jackd them, and i feel all enchanted n stuff.. plus Leslie claims to be a fae, so i had to... i also stole this thing from jill today, but i totally forgot i had it till now.. maby ill go hide it from me, so ill forget longer?

well, thats about it... ?

i had a coolies day :)

i wanna make-out with leslie :D

nitenite fer nows


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