2003-04-20 @ 4:28 a.m.
H4rDC0r3 40 hour adventure!!

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ok, my H4rDC0r3 has prevented me from getting home to use the puter to update; im sorry, but i have a coolies day+s to tell about!

it starts friday morning, my momz a dumb stupid crackwhore who kicks me off the intronet, laura calls wanting me to ask kiel to find out when he'll email her, which was gonna be by 3am apparently.. cuz like they were leaving fer a few dayze? ... well whatever, so then i call around, and end up making plans to go hang out with Alyssa, Keck, n Dwight :) so i do, we go to Alyssa's moms home, were we chill, there some fat bitch named melissa, whos jus dumb n annoying n shit, dwights mom needs to find cooler friends!! but anyways, so dwight ends up getting his moms Corsica :D ... which, after he replaces everything with high-grade coolies parts, itll become the H4rDC0rsica ... hehehe ... so we go cruzing kinda, try to clean it, dwights pissed tho cuz it got beat up in a trip to santa cruz keck n alytssa promised not to take? ...well, that ends after not-to-long thru the night, were we all ended up at dwights home, jus acting crazy, hanging out, whatever... the sun comes up-> we go to McD. fer foodage, then more cruzin, there this church, with chairs on its lawn, shaped like a cross.... dwight stopps, me n kiel get out n trash the cross-formationd-chairs... it was SO fun n scary!!!! we also went on kiels old run stealing the newspapers.. hehehe... we waste tyme driving all sorts of places, we go to Sarah's, then Anthonys, meet anthony lil sister, who was cute, and liking the H4rDC0r3 ;) .. so yeah, it was fun, we went to K Street mall, then came back, then me dwight libby (sarahs sis) and brianna (anthonys sis) went to jack-in-the-box n ate, it took like 2 hours, altho it felt like 10-30 minz... creepy... this, by the way, was about 30 hours no-sleep ... so we chill at anthonys awhile, then go to this new-game thats running... its very detailed out, with lotsa rules..... its weird, it doesnt seem like normal game? ..?? but whatever.... i was Malk, as if you couldnt guess, i like my character, and i think my primogen was liking me.. i mean, she was hella all-over me *every girl was tho these two-three dayz... creepy* ... so after game the sun was down, we waste some tyme, drive back toward our area, realize we dont have the resources to play.... im fading in-n-out of awakeness... grr! ...

we end up meeting Tina at a dennys on Watt ave...? so yea, tina had some weird friend with her, whatever... by this tyme i can barely keep my eyes open..... the visit ends, i go home, take a sweet shower n stuff..... and now im here

im kinda pissed at christina, who paid no attention to me whatsoever over her vacation or in the after-entry.. even tho dwight mentioned alot.... its jealously kinda, but not in any practical sense... its jus kinda lame she'd do that..?? other than that, its the same ol' lil-girls bein dumb.. except the lil'r ones seem to causing less un-fun in my life... its weird?? well. im gonna sleep... i n333d sl33p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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