2003-04-20 @ 6:58 p.m.
morning after ~ todays prolly gonna suck

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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i woke up today sore n tired... went to easter dinner *i woke up at 4pm* and ate... now im home, i went thru my fav. diarys and got rid of alot of the ones that didnt list me back.... and if your still reading this and havnt linked me, you could be next!! .. the ones i kept were because they were too coolies to lose :)

today, as christina mentioned, is gonna be boring... altho shes really starting to make me 'grr' ... i guess not-being-mentioned really gets to me?

nothing really to type about? i mean, i hav no real rants or anything..?

i keep thinking about my primogen tho.... at this new game, theres the social trait 'cute' ... i was SO thriiled.. then, later, i find out that -she- was the one who got 'cute' on there!! oh the coolies joy!! so yeah, im diggin' her ;)

im re-thinking everything that happened during my 40 hours of not-sleep... trying to learn on how to survive low-sleep conditions like that... the key, eating alot the night before, and nibbling during the day.. carbohydrates n lots of water help... altho today i had a weird craving fer fish.. at the dinner, i ate fried cod... ?? im weird


i miss being dumb sometymes tho, it was fun venting all that attention into a girl... but then agin, she'd never like me back.. its kinda fun, not-caring... cuz i really dont, and then when she proves how evil she is, it doesnt really hurt... i dunno... i guess i jus wish there was a chick that could actally be perfect for me... i can only ever really get a part of the way there.. :(

im gonna call dwight now


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