2003-04-10 @ 5:03 a.m.
scannage of drawingz ~ and the rest of the nite

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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since my talk with Lauren, iv passed around the conversation some... and concensus says: Laurens-fault.

so im a lil more happy... then i wen to the run, and to Kinkos fer scannage->

this one youd havta read megatokyo comic #96 to fully understnad, but its a really great drawing *i say so* ..

this one i got kinda lazy at the end w/ the penciling, and only did two pre-draws... but its still pretty nice.. i think its a really good concept at least.. and, if you didnt already kno, the other girl is Christina.

this last one is another lauren... its not very !wow! or anything, buts it a nice drawing nonetheless :D

and thats it fer nows w/ the drawings...


so, then i read lauren diary, which of course reinforces the concensus, Laurens a lil girl... of ocurse, i n33d more feedback, which means -you-!! because the more ppl add to the concensus, the more chance it has of approaching right-ness. i mean, wtf was that? "I'm laughing so hard right now."<- she said... just think a second, i mean, she came very close to crushing me, and she'll laugh? im just glad my frineds were around tonite to see this, to catch me before i fell.... Bro's Before Hoes... it makes more and more sense as i get older...

but, back to my actually entry

i dropped off the piccys at christinas, i hope that doesnt cause too much trouble *eep* ... either way, i have them scanned, so there expendable. i wrote a note inside, telling her to try n give them to Lauren, but i seriously doubt she'll take them.. and so Christina can have whichever she wants... Christina has bein surprizingly nice to me thru all this.. of course, the concensus also speculates that Christina had further tappd Zombie-Power to bring this about, and that she wants me back, at any cost...... but how could she w/o drawing attention?

i lost my paladin status.. or at least iv lost +'s to stats... my St.Francis pendant broke when i was drunk, i lost it... and now it feel all disconnected to god... im adrift... im hoping it me having a hangover, or temporary punishment for being dumb las nite....

im gonna sleep, i want feedback! and hopefully life works out the way i n33d it to.


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