2003-04-06 @ 10:05 p.m.
grr! grr! grr! .. random update before a long nite..

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CellPhone: 8212392 , jus incase she lost my number

Thinky: im not happy, but im also not-hating life (yet)

Challenge: I havta treat everything like that, since my main motivator hasnt calld

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you know what pisses me off...

well, alot of things

one is getting my way when theres 1000 other things id rather had gotten my way with

Laura calld.. or actuall she came online, talked breifly then i calld, but either way, Laura, not Lauren, Laura.

apprently her crazy has subsided to a minimum, because she has gone many dayz w/o kiel... meanwhile my crazy is exceeding any previous known amounts, and im spending lotsa tyme with kiel... it makes me afraid.. i think i hav Wyrm-taint.. Fae dont like banality.. so basically, i must quest for H4rDC0r3, light-side-points, and Glamour. *yeah, read every Rp made the you might be able to understnad this*

still no word whatsoever from Lauren.

shes prolly out having fun w/o me.. ... i dont like being right at my own expense. it sucks, cuz the pride is, like, inverse to some bizarre regrettful sadness...

oh, the commercials are true, Neosporin can make cuts up to %70 less visible with less chance of scarring :D

i can already see it, tonites gonna suck, then im gonna wake up trm to find that life itself sux... but, i feel proud, because iv held out so long on hating-life.. i havnt actually said or thought it for quite awhile.. im getting good at not even slipping-up ...

i wish Lauren would call ... i want this un-fun to stop...

*considers crying.. or adding a reminder*



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