2003-04-03 @ 9:29 p.m.
Lauren is very beautiful ~ but this entry is about my day mostly

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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today happened

i woke up, went to kiels.. chilld at bit, helped JQ with his NPC'ness... then at 2:30'ish i got a ride to Laurens, but she wasnt home yet, so i walk/ran toward BV.. saw her in a car and went to her home with her..

we chilld awhile, shes so awesome, and iv missed her terribly.. but all 30minz of spending tyme with her is making life more livable .. but theres a catch, she did havta go somewhere at 4, and so right before her mom walks in, i happened to be leaning *ok, almost lieing* on top of Lauren kissing her... the mom walks in, and is all "consider your computer unplugged" ... so, im confuzled, i run that thru the riche-translation-matrix... oh, Lauren is supposed to turn off her computer before she leaves? ... oh, wait, that was her mom telling LAuren that shes bad.. fsck ... well, even tho that might have made me hate life breifly, i still feel all happy inside that i saw Lauren :D

then i went to the Navy Office... omg, i spent from 4-7:15 there... it was kinda fun, except i wore dungarees to the mall one day.. thats a very big no-no ... so Petty Officer Torian mentiond it, like, 18 tymes... i think he also wanted to talk to me after the meeting, cuz he kept saying "if you feel like your being singled-out *it was a different word that meant similar* then see me after the meeting..... but then agin it could be cuz he kept having ppl do push-ups ... i was one of them.... it was kinda funny... they said "Relieve" and so, like 2/3 of us came out-of parade rest... but see, no, that wasnt the right command... oops, so we went into push-up position fer a lil while, then went back to being in the ranks... then later, on an 'about face' my foot slipped a lil, and well, i got to the pushup positions, and Petty Officer Nakamura told me "when you come up, you say 'petty officer one, two, and so forth" ... im all "iv never actually done a real pushup.. i only had PE" ... well, i managed to do the required Three pushups.. i think i could have went for Five.. .... yeah ...

so then i met kiel after the meeting, we went n chilld at Taco Bell, planning the game were gonna run .. then we went to try n pay my cellphone bill, but no luck... so then we went to kiels.. chilld a bit, then i came home

i was afraid about the Laurens-mom thing, but she didnt mention it in her entry .. so i dunno.. i told kiel to call her brother, for 5 reasons.. kiel had plans for Everquest, Starcraft, the game at the mall, to see what was up today, and to get his AIM sn .... but i dunno, i doesnt seem that important now

I miss Lauren...

the santa-cruz plans might fall thru.. i think i mentioned this... theres 6-8 ppl that wanna go... so if there is, ill just not-go and ill spend this weekend with lauren. i dont need to type a private entry, i prolly wont fer awhile... its jus sometymes.. yeah


trm im gonna havta to go therapy.. miller hasnt seen me since Christina, so itll be fun telling him all this stuff...

im doing my taxes online... i dont even think i get anytihng.. but i dunno.. might as well?


im gonna go.. nothing to type realy


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