2003-04-03 @ 11:14 p.m.
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Mood: Lauren .... *ph34rz Love* ... I miss her *sigh*

Food: im hungry, alot... love=lack-of-appetite ..... constant smiting going on...


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its kinnda funny...

i just talked to kiel.. and im pissed, cuz he was too busy w/ a booty-call to natalie to call Laurens brother .. so no recon from there...

then right before htat i was tearing out a piece of my toenail that threaten to become infected ...

and that got me thinking, i have more experience in the medical-field than either kiel or Lauren.. Lauren wants to be a doctor, kiels thinking about being a certified-nurse .... and me, i perform all sorts of surgical-self-mutilations on me... ok, not really, all iv done is tear out various pieces of toenail.... except that one tyme i was all 'grr' and actually removed and -entire- toenail fer no reason... that shit ~Hurt~ ... and it was even a lil creepy.. the full toenail was, like, x4 tymes the size of the visible nail before i started... it ended up growing back over about 3 months'ish...

i havta be awake at around 10am'ish ... im considering wheather or not i should go with kiel tonite... grr

im also kinda hungry, i realized that one major negative effect to falling in love is lack-of-appetite ... so yeah, i n33d food...

right now tho im bored, cuz i forgot to take the notes me n kiel made about the mall-game home, so i have not-much to work on... *thinks to much* ... Lauren needs to talk to me agin... we dont talk enough... *loves hearing her talk* ... but thats not the point .. oh, and to answer her entry: im very interested in what she talks about, and i have no clue whatsoever as to where she got the idea that i didnt? actually, im curious too, i wanna hear more about her ....

but yeah



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