2003-04-03 @ 1:18 p.m.
halalujah zig-zag pumpkin

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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before i woke up jus now, las nite, i went wit kiel on his paper-route.. its hella fun doing all sorts of weird shit at 3am ... we ate before coming home...

now, im here after dwight calling me n waking me up.. which im pissed about... and of course, as always, i have WAY too much tyme to think ... i had this weird dream *doesnt like dreams* where i was doing something that very reminded me of playing a game, right up until it was obviously a game.. then i went back to school? only it was mesa, i had ditched the last semester, but since it was only a few days into classes i was safe... only i was only going ot French ... ?? ... and the teacher after class told me not to mouth-off n stuff and like and to just do the bitch-work ... the whole class was like *wha..?* since this teacher was so very against bad-words ... but yeah, then at the end of class dwight calld ... ?

oh, and by the way, we've decided the late-night questing happening on the paper-route, well that campaigns name is "halelujah zig-zag pumpkin" ... because, well... yeah

today i havta go to the Navy Office. and that sux ... so im gonna leave in a lil bit after getting ready.. and prolly jus walk to BV. im pretty determined to see Lauren.. the only thing to stop me is if she says no ...... which would suck terribly, i might even cry :P


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