2003-04-02 @ 10:06 p.m.
coolies day, but kinda lame cuz of lack-of-Lauren

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Mood: Lauren .... *ph34rz Love* ... I miss her *sigh*

Thinky: i realized my Gold membership will run out at some point.. uh-oh...

Challenge: coming up with money to survive; and surviving w/o seeing Lauren every day...

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well, today was.. if i had seen Lauren today, it would have totally r0xd ... everything un-Lauren related did r0x .. but not-seeing Lauren basically made today lame ...

now for an explaination:

i went to kiels, watched him play StarCraft, which kinda made me wanna play ... talked to Lauren who has lotsa homework n shit, which makes me sad :(

dwight was at kiels, and we *being me kiel n dwight* went to tina/jordans.. chilld a bit, went into jordan/aprils room, looking for VTM books n such... but instead found somethng much more entertaining... her diary :) .. so we went looking thur it, jordans mom even playd too... dwight jackd it tho, we went to Kinko's and copyed all the really icky details pages.. like the page where it lists the 39 guys shes had sex with .... there were, like, 11 after jordan.. jeff was the most recent.. which means she may not have updated it since a months or more ago... kiel said "i dont know why anyone would write down all the bad stuff they've done like this" ... i used to think that too.. but see, it also helps you realize the magnitude of all the bad shit youve done... just in this past year'ish, omfg, heaping bags of stupid!! . .... found this thing CJ drew for april, totally brought back all this tacklin' fuel ... i was almost trippin out, but i calld Lauren, and as soon as i heard her voice, i just felt dumb for being 'grr' and i was all happy'd agin :D ...... ..... so yeah, we playd like that awhile longer till jordans dad got home, and he wasnt too down with us going thur all that stuff.... too bad ... we talked with jordans dad awhile, then went to kiels, chilld a bit, i ate, found dwight talking to jill, so me n kiel went n talked awhile too ... im thinking about typing all my really deep long-tyme-ago grr'ness in a few private entrys.. since those are really nice to have ...

and im constantly adding Lauren to my life, iv decided that if she wants, ill even give her access to those.. im not gonna even try to stop her from knowing stuff, that way i can know if this is meant to be *it is meant to be, which is also why im totally un-concerned; unlike the normal worryness* ... but yeah, Lauren -is- perfect for me, whather or not she realizes it *i tihnk she does tho* ... she cares about me *or at least is still saying that* ... laterz ill remind her she can tell me anything, and the sooner she says anything un-fun, the easyer it will be ... :D

but yeah, the DM added a few quests to the campaign with that, so the world is starting to feel right :) ... but i still dont have a car..... .....


i think im out of stuff to type...



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