2003-04-01 @ 9:17 p.m.
grr'ness day, but hopefully things will un-grr'ness soon

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Mood: *is doubting all that is good in life*

Day: complete shit ...

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well, most of today i sat waiting for Lauren to call, then i call her, but shes leaving, she'll call back .. then im waiting more, dwight stole the phone, came back laterz w/ kiel, and kidnapped me, went to the mall, i hate life, dropped off natalie, dwight, then me... bein trying to call Lauren at her dadz *got the number from her mom* and its bein busy

well, i came in excepting to have more reaosn to hate life..

instead i read Lauren entry and realized -most- of my problems are "me=stupid" which hasnt bein anything new... i jus need to talk to lauren agin, then everything will be fine..

stupid amanda n christina... at first they thought it was jus christina being jealous, but no, i decibed things, they agree, its the first step to WL ...

but no, it mostly finding a balance between myne n amanda's interests ... it shouldnt be too hard, if communication starts flowing agin ...

*feels kinda better about things since Laurens entry* ... i dunno, i just dont want to be ditched.. i really really dont want to be ditched ... and my main fear is that will be a request from amanda. and, if it is, then yeah, my life is over, because it seems that Lauren will pick her over me .. i can understand that, but i really wouldnt like it to happen.. grr

*is kinda smiling*

im prety sure that all i need to do is talk to Lauren.. of ocurse, i cant do that if shes online w/ a modem n not-on-AIM.


im gonna go


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