2003-04-01 @ 12:44 p.m.
the start of the end ~ *sigh*

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MIDI: the final challenge, the begining of the end.

Mood: i hate life; im going to have ample reason sooner than id like.

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i hate life

so im up till around 2:30 worried sick over lauren, but at least ill get a call, i can try to save my life that way

im awake at 5:30 still terrified, but i manage to drift in-n-out of slep till around 8:20 when i realize shes not calling.. so im very sad till i play the drift in-n-out of sleep game till 10:30, when im awake while, thinking this over agin .. then another round of restlessness till around 12 ... thats when the realization my life is over hits me ... so i stay awake

i check email, check entrys ... two stood out today... one by leslieirene , the diarist guru that manages to type stuff i can relate to without knowing me whatsoever ... and then of couse Christina , the zombies newest operative, who laments on her acts in ignoreance .... it always starts like this *sigh* oh well ... my plan for life is pretty set ...

see, now that i have met perfection, this is the final battle. only two things can come of this .. either i win, and i get to hear the end-credit music and the happy ending .... or i lose, in which case.. well ....

more seriously tho, since i will prolly lose, ill either kill jill, go to prison, then become i preist, or ill just go about my life lonely forever.. im not trying fer another g/f after this.. i dont think ill survive ... plus she wont even come close to being Lauren, so its kinda pointless ...

kinda reminds em on why i stopped playing D2 the first tyme... i had a hacked character, the definition of perfect, i couldnt have ever bein generated in the game, did 27 million damage, it was invicible, and anything in four-screen-lenghts died instantly ... so when i went back to play, and i tryd to play my normal character.. well, i couldnt knoing what perfection truly was...

so yeah, this is the end battle. this is where the game calculates how many bonus points and how fast i beat the game and determines from this point what ending will play.


till then im gonna lay here ... cuz nothing is worth doing.


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