2003-03-31 @ 12:00 a.m.
Lauren, as if you couldnt guess, is super-coolies ~

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Mood: Twiterpated, Lauren .... *ph34rz Love*

Day: from a technical standpoint it was medium-lame.. but the Lauren factor always tips the scale good

Challenge: Apparently i get tired after 15 miles on the rollerblades.. tired=w34k ..

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well, im not completely sure how my day was before hand.. it was shower-dressd-be'lame-and then H4rDC0r3 rollerblading.

it took forever, and i almost died a bunch... first there was this park, only one water fountain, it was a sharp-turn n downhill.. another word for this manuver is 'suicide' .. so i take 20 minz to figure out that was the only water.. so i went for it, almost died, whatever .... then laurens street(s) are steep up/down hills.. i die climbing, then die falling... then i ended my trip by getting to slam into her house, since stopping isnt my strong-point.

but, soon after that i saw lauren, and all the un-fun melted away... we spent the day together... first she washed the dog, which was hot *bikini-top n shorts* .. then she was in this coolies ALkaline Trio shirt... then we went to this park n chilld... we were talking n something came up.. shes all "i dont hate you, i love you... ... um, i mean im not sure i love you yet, but i like you alot*smiles*" . ... yeah, i feel special ... then we go to her home agin, chill a bit, eat w/ her family *mom n stepdad* then chilld in her room... shes too perfect, and stronger than any girl iv met *and liked too* .. so im gonna start wearing the armweights agin.... i refuse to be out-strenght'd by a girl, especially a girl -that- beautiful.. but yeah.. i was talking to kiel.. all my tyme spent imagining 'a perfect girl' .. ya kno that fantasy everyone has... well, yeah, she aint shit compared to lauren.. i couldnt have done anything better if i designed her myself.. kiel wonders if shes a fae... that got me thinking, i mean, lets say as a character idea you were gonna play a fae with a mild obsession with Garou.. well, reading the handbook even could give you an idea on a primary adjective... 'kritter' ... yeah.. then i was thinking.. kiel warned me during a rant "becareful, dont ruin this" im all "huh?" ... he says *quoting me* -> "if jennifer was so much better than jill, and christina was so much better than jennifer, and lauren is so much better than christina.. well, dont get tempted" .. im all "dude, you dont even kno, if there was a girl that much better than Lauren... i dont kno, id die, the universe would explode!!" ...... and it would.

now, to denote all the oracular findings today.. well, ok, i was 0v3r^cl0ck3d on Lauren today, so my brain didnt do much thinky ... but basically when i first met jill, her eyes were a solid-dull-brown.. three months after going out, there was a darker inner-ring that had a starburst pattern... my eyes do that to, they show both hazel n brown, the outer fades from green to blue, so the light changes the effect ppl see ... well, i noticed jennifer get the same thing after a few days... and jills faded out after awhile, but then came back recently ... christina had her own interesting pattern, so i never thought to look... today i was looking into Laurens eyes.. i noticed, that same starburst pattern, faint, but it was there ...

yeah, i usually type everything, but see, im keeping other ppls secrets now, so i havta watch what i say.. i almost talked to kiel about it, but stopped me instinctivly ... ... shes just too perfect

of course, theres one thing... ... im not gonna be around to enjoy Lauren after a few months... ... and that makes me all sorts of upset... the main fear is that ill lose her.

and im sorry, its getting to the point where i -cant- lose her...

i cant go ten minutes without thinking about her...

i cant go ten seconds even!

but yeah, she hdata go w/ her dad at 9, i got a ride from kiel, we talked, he showd me his delivery route.. hes employed .. im jealous ...

im not sure, im kinda 'grr' now tho ... things havnt ever gone my way like this before... never have i had anything in my life iv enjoyed this much ... *sigh*

so, really the only real problem i have with today is that it ended..

but, i was challenged on multiple levels.. i shall meet -all- of them now.. ph34r of my sk1llz there will be, yyYYESS!! ...

**thinks about her so much its hard to remember what i was gonna type.. or even if i was gonna type**

ok, im gonna try n sleep.. the sooner i sleep, the sooner she comes back into my life


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